Tips For Meeting Exotic Brazilian Girls

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Brazilian women are without a doubt some of the most beautiful and exotic women in the world. You are simply not going to find very many women in America that can compare to a Brazilian woman. In this article I want to share with you some tips that you can use in order to pick up Brazilian women while on a cruise or vacationing on the mainland.


The first myth about picking up Brazilian girls is that you have to be some kind of stud for them to pay attention to you. This is completely false, because these beauties get hit on by these types of guys each day, so being a stud will not get you in favor with a Brazilian woman. What will get you in favor of a Brazilian woman is a sense of humor, and the ability to dance and have fun. These Brazilian beauties love to dance, and when they dance they can get pretty intimate. It is your job to take advantage of this intimate moment, and make sure that you take advantage of it (not advantage of her however).

Brazilian Beauties in Bikinis

Market your strengths to these women without being a pompous jerk. You do not want to go in there and tell everyone you own a yacht and make a billion dollars, because that just is not going to work. You are going to turn each woman off, unless they are gold diggers. The way to go about this is to market your strengths in a subtle way, if the conversation turns to business, casually mention that you own your own business, and then see where the conversation goes. If you are very athletic, push the conversation in that direction, but be subtle.

The key to picking up Brazilian girls is to show them that you can have a good time, but can also be serious when the occasion calls for it. Brazilian women like strong and secure men that are comfortable with themselves, and they can spot any weakness you have right away.

I would suggest getting in front of the mirror before your trip and rehearsing your introduction to Brazilian women. Make sure it is subtle, succinct, and to the point. Make sure to not expose any of your flaws, and always project confidence. Women all of nationalities cannot resist confidence, as long as you are not cocky. Try to approach her with an arrogant attitude and she is just going to shoot you down and give you the cold shoulder.

These tips should help you learn how to pick up a Brazilian woman. Remember to rehearse what you want to say, say it naturally, and have a plan of action that exudes confidence.

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