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Here at Foreign Singles Reviews, we receive many inquiries about “foreign dating,” and we always try to answer them honestly.

Questions like “what are mail order brides?” and “what is the best region or country to date foreign women?”. We decided to answer a few of the questions we are asked here in our “Frequently Asked Questions” page. If we have not answered your question here, please drop us an e-mail. We want to be your expert source of information on Foreign Dating.

What do the terms “foreign dating” and “mail-order brides” mean?

The meaning of the term Foreign dating is precisely how it sounds: men from one country (usually the United States) date women from other countries with the end goal of marriage in mind. It was called “mail-order brides” back in the day when the Internet still wasn’t accessible, and paper catalogs were used to advertise dating profiles. Mail-order brides have gotten a bad reputation due to myths and lies surrounding the industry. Because of increased education about the subject matter and vast numbers of mixed-race marriages, however, foreign dating is now getting the belief that it deserves.

Is foreign dating legal?

What kind of question is that? International dating or “mail-order brides,” to use an archaic term, is entirely legal. Most people have the misconception that foreign women looking for husbands are an exploited group and that they don’t have a choice in the matter because of economic or social reasons. However, this is just false. The women that apply to international dating sites are adults who have their jobs. They are not fleeing from war or famine, and are indeed not being pimped out by slave traders. If you doubt this, then you can ask them yourselves. Don’t be surprised if they find you a little bit weird.

Cool! When can I buy my foreign wife?

Uh…you can’t. Like I mentioned above, most of the reputable dating sites are legitimate businesses that seek to connect single people looking for love from different continents. You don’t “buy” a woman like you would a piece of bread. The only thing that you would be buying is plane tickets to see her so that you can take her out on a lovely date. Isn’t romance much better than the prostitution industry?

Remind me again why foreign wives are better than local wives?

Girls from other countries aren’t necessarily better than girls from your native land, strictly speaking since you have to judge them individually and not as a group. It is always the case. However, that cultural norms play a huge factor in determining a woman’s outlook in life. Let’s face it: the feminist and sexual revolution has brainwashed white, western women to the point where they see men as either cruel tyrants seeking to tie her down to a life of servitude in the kitchen (only half-joking there), or used as a quick hookup partner/sugar daddy. As I said, it’s not everyone, but it’s a fair amount of the population. If you’re looking for a traditional and conservative wife, you’re better off searching overseas.

Aren’t foreign women just looking for a green card?

Let’s be realistic: many women from third-world or developing countries are looking for a green card. When they see your white skin and blue eyes, they also see dollar signs and American citizenship. That’s why it’s important not to be picking up chicks at random nightclubs on your own. You may be the adventurous type, but many a fellow man has been swallowed up whole by too many adventures. Acquiring the services of a seasoned foreign dating company like A Foreign Affair or BeHappy2Day will allow you to have all the romance that you want with minimal risk.
On a side note about the green card: it’s not all that bad. Of course, women will want to immigrate back with you to your own country, especially if the two of you plan to marry. If she loves you that much, then she’ll want to pack her things and leave her family behind to be with you forever. A green card is a small reward for that kind of dedication.

I don’t look like Ryan Gosling, and I’m not as rich as Bill Gates. Will she still like me?

Short answer: Maybe. The typical woman who joins foreignsinglesreviews.com is not a teenager. They are smart enough to realize that looks and money won’t last forever, and will quickly settle for someone who has enough stability and maturity. In other words, as long as you have a steady job, can talk more than two syllables at a time, and don’t resemble a complete ogre, then she will find you attractive enough to marry.

Fair enough, but are the women hot?

Yes, the women are hot! Many of them resembled your typical girl-next-door, the one that you had a crush on in high school but didn’t have the guts to approach. Now that you’re older and wiser and a little bit more friendly, you shouldn’t find it too hard to attract them. If you’re still bashful, know that most foreign women are more nervous about these encounters than you are. They do not have a fluent grasp of English, the ratio of women to men is higher, which means that they will be competing with more gals than care to be with, and know that they are taking a significant risk dating someone who is not from their culture. There are a lot of factors here that could make or break a date, but beauty is NOT one of them.

Are you part of the sex tourism?

Hell no! I am firmly against the sex tourism industry. For those of you who are not in the know, sex tourism is a vibrant “industry” where men sign up with a tour guide who will take them to foreign countries where prostitution is legal so that they can safely sleep with many exotic women. If this is your kind of thing, then go somewhere else; foreignsinglesfinder.com is about romance, not sex. There’s nothing wrong with sex, but I believe that it should only happen once you’ve made a deeper connection with the woman. So, no, we are not selling sex.
If you’re not part of sex tourism, then what do you do?
Good question! Foreignsinglesfinder.com is a place that collects all the information on foreign dating agencies and websites that help men to find love and possibly marriage overseas. Think of us as the Facebook of the international dating world! Our services are not only limited to reviews of international dating sites, but we also provide expert information on singles romance tours that enable interested men to meet the women in person.

What the heck’s a Romance “Tour”?

A romance tour is a weeklong, international vacation primarily geared towards dating. You will be mingling with a large group of women as well as other guys who are part of the tour. The women vastly outnumber the men, though, so don’t worry too much about potential competition. All accommodations will be taken care of by the administrators. Currently, A Foreign Affair (loveme.com) is the only company who provides these tours that I can recommend due to their longevity in the business.

Is it better to travel alone or via a tour?

It depends on your personality. Most men prefer a group setting to meet women rather than a one-on-one date. Of course, traveling on a romance tour doesn’t mean that you can’t date any of the women in private, but it does mean more company and bonding with other strangers.
The “lone wolf” on the other hand, doesn’t want to mingle and would like to get right down to business, is better off with a solo adventure. Be Happy 2 Day (behappy2day.com) caters more to this type of crowd than any other company. For a fee, they take care of all the travel details so that you only have to worry about the actual date.

What makes these two websites – loveme.com and behappy2day.com – so special that you keep mentioning them?

In the wild west of international brides, you’re always opening yourself up to websites both legitimate and dishonest. It’s like marriage: some gals want your love, and others want your money. Naturally, you must avoid the latter and associate with the former. When it comes to foreign dating services, the only two companies that I can honestly recommend are A Foreign Affair (loveme.com) and Be Happy 2 Day (behappy2day.com). Yes, I know that they could have chosen less cheesy names, but public branding aside, they’ve been in this business long enough and amassed quite an impressive number of successful lifetime pairings. Let’s take a quick look at each one:

A Foreign Affair

Before you ask, no: A Foreign Affair does NOT offer affairs with married women. What they do offer is the chance for you to date and eventually, marry single women from other countries. They hold the distinction of being the first dating company to provide romance tours, and because they have been in the business since 1995, then they are also legitimately the oldest dating website. The mainstream media has covered the services of A Foreign Affair extensively, so regarding brand reputation, then they’re head and shoulders above the rest. We can not include all functions of A Foreign Affair in this FAQ, so if you want to find out more, visit our review at LoveMe.com Review.

Be Happy 2 Day

Despite being younger than A Foreign Affair, Be Happy 2 Day is still on par with them regarding the services and success rates that they provide. Since they were established in 2004, Be Happy 2 Day has been featured in reputable publications such as Forbes magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek. Unlike A Foreign Affair, they do not have singles tours. Instead, they focus on single dates. Once you get to know a lady through their online catalog, the administrators will manage all the minutia of setting up time between you and the woman. It will usually happen on her turf, but the company will take care of you and make sure that you don’t get lost in Russia. They even have special services not found anywhere else such as virtual weddings. Visit their website at behappy2day.com for more details. BeHappy2Day Review

In short: I recommend A Foreign Affair if you want to take a vacation abroad and mingle with several women at once. On the other hand, Be Happy 2 Day is your choice if you would rather stay at home and only take that trip once you’ve connected with a particular girl online.

Is it possible to meet and marry an international woman on free dating sites?

Yes. There are a lot of free dating sites out there, but the reason that they’re free is that the administrators don’t care that much about quality and service. Anyone can sign up on these websites since there is no screening test, which means that they are rife with scammers. If you are cheated, you will not be able to call support, and they do not offer any romance tours. In other words, you get what you pay for, which is nothing.
There will never be a site that’s 100 percent scam free, but the paid websites such as A Foreign Affair and Be Happy 2 Day use rigorous identity confirmation to screen out their profiles. When it comes to the free websites though, you are taking a huge risk, so I highly discourage you from using these sites to save a few bucks. Better to pay for quality service than to get taken to the cleaners with a phishing operation.

What are the top regions for meeting foreign women? What are the girls like?

Naturally, the United States of America is not on this list considering that most of you reading this are probably Americans. The world is still a large place, however, so “foreign” means several different countries. Thankfully, you don’t have to visit the savage badlands of the Congo; most dating websites focus on these few nations famous for their beautiful and exotic ladies.

Eastern Europe

Highest Pro: Very feminine
Highest Con: Language barriers

Ukraine – the women, found here are your typical, calendar-model babes: white, tall, blonde, and blue-eyed. They are incredibly feminine and place a high standard on their beauty. A significant problem for some men is that they take financial stability seriously. Ukraine is an emerging country, so Ukrainians will not date much less marry a man who doesn’t have the greenbacks to show for it.

Russia – the girls are similar in beauty to Ukrainian babes but with the added advantage of having somewhat better income. Russian women don’t care so much about your wallet, but they will double down on your dependability as a husband. They are traditional women who give their all in a relationship and expect the same from you. In other words, no deadbeats allowed.

Belarus – like their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts, a Belarusian girl is the kind of woman who you’d like hugging your arm on a Saturday outing. They are pretty and primed for marriage. However, they take this far more seriously than the other two. You cannot keep a Belarusian girl waiting for too long in the dating stage otherwise they will leave you for another man who is quicker to put a ring on it.

Latin America

Highest Pro: Extremely protective and loyal
Highest Con: Prone to drama

Colombia – they have some of the hottest babes on the planet, especially if brown skin and voluptuous breasts are your types. Most are quite adventurous and ready to do things that conservative women would balk. Sadly, many are quite shallow and will tend to judge people based on their looks and money.

Peru – Peruvian women, may not be as pretty as those found in other Latin American countries but they are sweet and indeed not ugly . Many of them aren’t concerned that much with looking their best, unlike their Columbian counterparts. On the plus side, they are extremely attracted to white, American men and are very sexually open when it comes to them. Whether or not you want someone who’s easy to get is up to you, but note that Peruvian girls go straight for the lovemaking and don’t like to beat around the bush.

Costa Rica – similar to Peruvian women, Costa Rican beauties are incredibly flirtatious. However, they are not as impressed with white, American men, so merely being a westerner won’t net you any points like it would in Peru. Another downside is that they are not that inclined towards marriage and would rather live in a cohabiting relationship, so if tying the knot is your ultimate goal, then you may have to work extra hard to convince her.


Highest Pro: Very motherly and nurturing
Highest Con: Emerging countries, low income

The Philippines – out of all the foreign countries, the Philippines is one of the most fluent when it comes to English, so you will not have a hard time communicating with the ladies here. The women are also extremely attracted to white men, so that is a bonus if you happen to be Caucasian. On the downside, Filipino families are incredibly tight-knit, so expect a lot of interference from your in-laws even after you’re married.

China – Chinese girls, have a great sense of humor, so you won’t lack any laughs when you date one. They are also practical, which means that they know how to manage their daily affairs without having to call on you for help. The major problem, however, is that Chinese women marry primarily for responsibility rather than love. In other words, if you’re a dependable man, that’s good enough for her, even if the passion is missing.

Thailand – In addition to being beautiful, Thai women are also laid back. Out of all the foreign women in this list, they are probably the ones who will let you keep your freedom even after being married. They are also quick to forgive after a fight. The major downside when it comes to Thai girls is a higher than average rate of cheating, as well as the tendency to make wild accusations if they suspect that you are shacking up with other girls.
As you can see, every country has their pros and cons. There’s no such thing as paradise on earth, but there is so much variation that if you can pick the one that bothers you the least and benefits you the most, then you’re all set.

Is it possible to find a bride this way?

Not only is it possible, but international marriages have been on the rise lately. There have already been hundreds of thousands of international weddings every since this concept was introduced. If you think about it, you probably know a friend who’s married to a foreign national. Whether or not he’s happy is another matter altogether, but as far as the possibility is concerned, it’s exceptionally achievable.

How successful are international marriages?

This depends on how committed you are to your woman and vice versa. Success in marriage only means one thing: the two of you swear and keep an oath to stick with each other until death do you part. Of course, culture plays a huge role. One or both will have to adjust to the customs of the other, especially the person who is planning to migrate.
Will your international marriage succeed? There have been many positive testimonials and also many duped men beyond measure. You don’t know which camp you belong to until you take the plunge. Your victory or failure is entirely up to you.

Are there any statistics on the success rate?

Statistics are sketchy since many governments don’t collect data on the number of foreign couples, but for those that do, it’s naturally increasing. For example, Spain had less than 5% foreign marriages in 1995, but it has jumped to 14% by 2009. These markers are the same everywhere else. In this age where international travel has become more accessible, it’s not a surprise that many men and women are finding their spouses on the other end of a plane ticket.

Do I need to be wealthy to meet these international ladies?

It depends on the location and the number of days. A 10-day tour of Eastern Europe will typically cost about $3,500. Asian tours for the same length are cheaper at about $2,800, while a 7-day Latin American trip comes in at around $2,300.
In other words, embarking on a singles trip abroad requires you to save at least $3,000. However, this already includes all accommodations including food, shelter, and the romance gathering itself. The package also comes with services such as translations and pre-screening of women.
If you want to be more efficient with your money, then it’s better to get to know several women online first, and then only make the trip once you’ve already made significant progress to save time when you get there.
For more information, check out the respective websites at loveme.com and behappy2day.com.

What about language difference?

Most Latin American and Asian women speak a fair amount of English. Eastern European women, however, are a problem. This is where the services of websites like A Foreign Affair and Be Happy 2 Day shine: as part of their package deal when you sign up with them, they will provide human translation services, whether digitally or in person. It might seem weird having a translator sit beside you and your date, but once you get accustomed to it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Of course, if you prefer to use your cellphone to translate for you, then there’s no problem. Many modern apps can convert on the fly while the person is speaking, so language barriers, while a common problem, is not without its solutions.

What about the age difference?

It is really up to you. Countries have a legal age limit for dating and marrying, which is usually eighteen years old. Some nations like Germany have it at thirteen years old.
Practically speaking, courting someone in their teens is not a good idea, especially when you’re a middle-aged man. Not only does it look weird to other people (do you want to be that guy?), but the psychological differences are vast. Younger women are more immature and will make a lousy wife, so you want to aim for a woman who is closer to your age. There are no hard and fast rules, but four to five years younger is a good choice. Any higher than that and you’re playing with fire.

I still have other questions about international dating and mailorder brides…

If you have any queries that have not been covered here, or if something is bothering you, then don’t hesitate to contact me via email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
Welcome to the world of international dating!