What Nationality Has the Sexiest Men and Women?

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In keeping with our international dating theme for ForeignSinglesFinder.com we came across an article about the sexiest nationalities in the world. As we tried to stress on this website the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding your soulmate. If you have a worldview you know that there are available and very beautiful women in countries such as the Ukraine, Colombia, China, and Peru. This article tells us what American men and women think are the most sexiest nationalities in the world. It would be it would be interesting to see what other nationalities voted. I saw another poll similar to this that said the Colombians view themselves as the sexiest nationality and another one that the Argentines claim that title. You can be the judge.

Brazilian women are considered by many men to be the most beautiful women in the world but according to a poll taken by MissTravel.com of 30,000 American women and 13,000 American men and the results may surprise you. In the survey they chose Colombian women over all others is the sexiest women in the world. Second with a Brazilian ladies followed by American in third place. as far as the sexiest men chosen by American women the British come in first place followed by the Irish been Brazilian. They were followed by Swedish and American men are in fifth place. Guys we got a do better than that were let not ladies down.

Colombian Pop Star Shakira
Colombian Pop Star Shakira

Probably the prominence of Latin pop star Shakira on reality television shows such as The Voice or Sofia Vergara, the Colombian movie star and talk show host have helped boost the view of Colombian women as being sexy and beautiful. Check out the full results at BusinessInsider.com