Pros and Cons of Dating an Asian Girl You Need To Know About

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Asian girls have become highly desirable for Western men for quite some time. Whether it's due to the popularity of Asian entertainment or the promise of a different culture, Asian girls have been getting men's attention.

That's why many are curious about knowing the pros and cons of dating an Asian girl. Asians, unlike the Latino community, are significantly more diverse when it comes to cultural differences. As such, there might be some inconsistencies when it comes to our list.

Pros and Cons of Dating an Asian Girl

Below are the most common benefits and disadvantages of dating an Asian Girl.


The great things about dating an Asian girl are:

  • Ageless Beauty

The aging process is something every girl will encounter. Typically, Caucasian females tend to show signs of aging at a faster rate than other races. That's why Botox, surgeries, and transplants are frequently used in the West to minimize the signs of aging.

On the other hand, Asian girls tend to retain their beautiful, youthful appearance for decades. Their ageless beauty, especially for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, is the result of genetics, diet, lifestyle, and climate.

An Asian lady can look like in her early 20s but could very well be in her mid-30s, thanks to the factors mentioned.

  • Well-Educated

Except for those who lurk at online dating sites who want a green card, chances are your Asian girl is well-educated. Compared to other groups of people, Asian women tend to finish their studies or at least take their studies very seriously.

This is a positive since you know that they are competent and qualified to excel in whatever field they choose. Also, since they have the credentials, you won't have to worry about them being freeloaders anytime soon.

  • Slender Body Shape

This is more of a generalization, but on average, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean girls have a petite figure. While they are less likely to be voluptuous, at least, they will not get subjected to the “male gaze” that Western feminists abhor.

You won't be too worried about gropers since their usual fetish is a woman who has a large chest, buttocks, or legs.

  • Reluctance To Show Skin

Compared to their Western counterpart, Asian girls tend to shy away from clothing that shows too much of their skin. Thus, you won't see them wearing something that showcases their cleavage, navel, legs, or intergluteal cleft.

That's why Asian girls are not getting too much male attention in public places. Indian girls are even more reluctant, most probably due to their culture.

  • Unintimidating Demeanor

Unlike many Caucasian, Black, and Latina females, Asians do not typically exhibit aggressive or assertive behavior. In most cases, they are less likely to cause a stir in public whenever you have disagreements.

Being humble and respectful is taught at an early age in most Asian households, especially for girls. As such, you have a better chance of discussing differences without shouting or being rude to each other.

pros and cons of dating an asian girl
  • Loyal

While faithfulness is not exclusive to a single group of people, Asians are not generally keen on flirting when committed to a relationship. Asian girls also tend to always support their partners in their endeavors, from choosing where to eat to career choices.

  • Domestic Skills

Many Asian girls at an early age are already exposed to the different aspects of home maintenance. This includes sweeping, doing the laundry, cleaning the dishes, and cooking meals.

You will less likely meet an Asian girl who is not used to doing home maintenance since it's a part of their tradition. It is the opposite of Western families, whereas the chores are usually done by the mother alone.

  • Travel Opportunity

Most, if not all, Asian girls who didn't spend their whole lives in the West are always looking for a chance to come home. Whenever the opportunity is there, accompany her to her homeland to experience firsthand what's it like being there.

Not only will you enjoy different sceneries, but you also have the chance to meet your Asian girl's family. You won't need a tour guide when exploring since your girl will take care of the translating, transportation, and lodging.

  • Learning a New Language

It doesn't matter how much you listen to K-pop or watch anime. You won't be having conversational skills in Korean or Japanese anytime soon.

Most Asian languages can be challenging because most have little to no Western influence. Despite the proliferation of apps that will help you learn faster, nothing beats personal interaction.

The best part is that there's no tuition fee required, and your “teacher” is always available if you have any questions.

  • Independent

Another benefit of dating an Asian girl is that you don't have to worry as much about her when you're not around. Most Asian girls are either adequately cared for by their families or can sustain themselves. As such, they do not typically desire to get pampered or any special treatment.

Overall, Asian girls will appreciate any gestures of concern. However, they also have the pride to not rely on their partner as much as possible.


The drawbacks of dating an Asian girl are as follows:

  • Mandatory Learning

You're expected to learn about the culture of the Asian girl you're dating, whether you like it or not. Of course, you might not have to if you're just hooking up, but if it's serious, there's no helping it.

From her native language to the traditions she practices, an Asian girl would expect her man to be eager to learn about her world.

  • Unflattering Label

In today's cultural climate, when someone from the West dates an Asian girl, he will earn labels like “yellow fever” or having an “Asian fetish.” The consequences of yellow fever on East and Southeast Asian women have been widespread and severe for years.

As a result, many Asian girls are more self-conscious and skeptical when it comes to dating. They are not sure if guys are attracted to them because of their individual traits or just because of their ethnicity.

Be ready for the criticism, whether accurate or not, because this label is harmful to you and your girl.

  • Lacks Passion

Unlike Western and Latina females, Asian girls are not known to be too interested in sexual activity. As such, if you're always looking forward to some action after a dinner date, you might get disappointed.

Yes, they can be clingy, but being sexually active is a different conversation. Usually, Asian girls prefer movie marathons, video games, or eating midnight snacks over being intimate in bed.

A Better Insight on Dating an Asian Girl

When looking at the pros and cons of dating an Asian girl, you see that there's more to gain and few to lose. Most guys would frown about the lack of sexual drive but keep in mind that relationships are all about that.

Unless you are more into hookups, there's little to no reason why you shouldn't take a chance with an Asian girl. If you're still looking for your dream girl, there's a lot of online Asian dating websites to choose from.

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