What To Know When Dating an Asian Girl

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When dating a foreign girl for keeps, you need to do some homework, especially for Asian girls.

The interest of Western men in Asian girls is probably at an all-time high, which could be a byproduct of radical feminism. As such, many are interested in learning about what to know when dating an Asian girl.

This phenomenon gave rise to online dating sites, which makes meeting someone easier than before. While getting a match might be easier than before, remember that cultural differences might hinder or limit the potential of getting a serious relationship.

Four Myths and Stereotypes on Asian Girls

Learning about the myths and stereotypes associated with them is a good start in understanding what to know when dating an Asian girl.

Gold Digger

Regarding the stereotypes perceived to Asian girls, being a gold digger is probably the most harmful. That kind of character exists in all races, Asian or not. In fact, it's common for men today to assume that most women, at least the very attractive ones, are gold diggers.

Maybe this preconception is born out of the cliche that Asians would do anything for a green card.

Another possible origin is that Asian girls tend to marry into money more than other races. It's quite challenging to justify or dispel this myth because, as we implied above, gold diggers are prominent in all races and cultures.

Dragon Lady

Dragon lady is a stereotype of Asian women as powerful, dishonest, dominating, mysterious, and usually has strong sex appeal. 

The term originated from the female antagonist in the Terry and the Pirates comic strip. In simpler terms, dragon lady is frequently used negatively to refer to any powerful yet prickly Asian lady.

While it is not as offensive as a gold digger, this stereotype could still be offensive to those who practice traditional culture.


The stereotype about Asian girls being submissive may not be totally accurate, but it's not entirely wrong either.

To put a bit of context, we're not referring to the manner of being submissive in bed. It's more about who is in control of the relationship.

Asian women, more often than not, tend to be more passive and submissive to their partners. This is more evident when the guy has better finances, more popular, and has higher intelligence.

While this stereotype is offensive or not, it's fair to say that Asian girls tend to give more respect to those they deem superior.

what to know when dating an asian girl

Book Smart

While the first three myths we listed have negative connotations, this one is not.

Asians, particularly those who grew up in the United States, are typically viewed as the model minority due to their dedication to academics. However, this preconception could be harmful if it's taken too seriously. For example, Japan's “suicide culture” is mainly due to students who decided to end their lives because of academic failure.

Overall, positive stereotypes may appear harmless or even advantageous, but they can have harmful emotional, social, and educational repercussions.

Five Recommendations When You Date An Asian Girl

You'll have more chances to be successful if you have a good idea of what to know when dating an Asian girl. Let's explore some suggestions you can apply before you start going out.

Be a Gentleman

Asian cultures are heavy on respect, as they tend always to use honorifics when addressing pretty much everyone. This culture of respect in Asians is also evident in dating and relationships.

Asian girls demonstrate their humility by using proper language and gestures that fit their companion. When it comes to intimacy, try to be non-aggressive because it's not uncommon for them to preserve their purity until marriage.

As such, be always on your best behavior when you're spending time with an Asian girl.

Always Be Ready To Pay the Bill

Most Asian cultures do not embrace the progressive values that are prevalent in Western society. So, if you're dating an Asian girl, she would most likely expect you to pick up the bill. It's a form of courtesy and pride as a gentleman to shoulder the expenses when you go out, at least in Asian culture.

We wouldn't recommend playing the waiting game with your Asian date in paying for the bill. She'll probably not be eager to go out with you the second time if you are not on board with this setup.

Don't Objectify Her

Asian fetish has risen into prominence in recent years due to the popularity of K-pop and anime. Asian girls have been subjected to a psychological toll as a result of this cultural trend.

Many girls voice their uncertainty and mistrust because men who find them beautiful are primarily drawn to ethnic and cultural qualities only. Their personal attributes or character became unimportant, or at least not valued enough.

If you date an Asian girl, minimize or avoid complimenting her being Japanese, Korean, or other Asian nationality.

Learn Their Language

This is probably the most challenging recommendation on the topic of what to know when dating an Asian girl. Asian languages are quite diverse, with many words that do not have an English equivalent.

We suggest getting familiar with some basic phrases before you go out. It might impress her that you're making an effort.

With that said, don't try to speak her native language spontaneously unless you are already fluent. Chances are, she might get upset because it might indicate that you're mocking her language.


Many Asians maintain close ties to their families, regardless of their social status. When you go out on a date with an Asian girl, show interest in her family by asking some questions about them.

Asian girls tend to introduce their suitor and significant other to their parents and siblings almost immediately. You can take it as a good sign if she lets you meet her family because it indicates a new level of trust and affection.

Pay Attention To Your Date's Strong Qualities

Dating an Asian girl might be more demanding compared to others. However, if you're still eager, you might find it advantageous to be with an Asian girl. Her strong family values, loyalty, work ethic, and dedication are all qualities that are hard to ignore.

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