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Finding that someone special is not as easy as it looks in movies. Sometimes you need a little assistance, and often, nowadays, that means finding an online dating website or app. There are a lot of options out there available for you, and many of them are geared to select niches in the dating world. For instance, Victoria Hearts is an online dating website that is specifically geared for meeting single women from Eastern Europe.

This site allows for people from across the globe to connect and form cross-cultural relationships. This type of relationship can be a lot of fun and very engaging. Because it is designed for international dating, you may think that it was started in Europe or even Asia, but this company actually was launched in California in 2013.

With so many choices, though, when it comes to dating websites, you may be asking yourself if starting another profile on a new dating website like Victoria Hearts is the right option for you. If you are asking yourself this, make sure to keep reading because we are going to do an in-depth review in the hopes that we can help you answer this question. So let's get right to it!


How to Register on

The last thing you want to do when dealing with starting a new profile on another dating website is to go through a long process to get started. With Victoria Hearts, this doesn't happen, as setting up your profile takes only a couple of minutes. The app is also free to register, which is also a big bonus.

When it comes to setting up your profile, you will want to start by heading over to the website, where you will find an information form that asks you a few simple questions, including your gender, name, as well as your email. It also asks you to set up your password and then agree to the terms of service and simply push the register button.

Once you have filled out the form and your account is set up and verified, you can then start filling out your profile. This is where you get to personalize what users will see, including uploading photographs and giving a short description of yourself.

The last step before you can start searching for your soulmate is to answer a questionnaire. This questionnaire is used to collect your interest and preferences so that the algorithms can better match you with other users.

Key Features

It is easy to register and set up your profile but is the website worth it when it comes to the features that are included in the memberships? The answer is yes, there's a lot of great features, and some of these include:

  • Versatile communication options – When you're trying to meet someone, the most important thing is to have multiple lines of communication. With this dating website, you have access to both instant messages as well as email services. This means that you can have multiple conversations going with different women without having to revisit the chatbox all the time.
  • Contact and meetup requests – The platform offers a few special features that help make the process go quicker. That includes contact and meeting requests which are ways that you can see who is really serious about connecting with you.
  • Photo and video sharing – Several other international dating websites don't offer photo and video sharing options. But that is the way social media and this niche works nowadays, and so Victoria Hearts has included this as an option when it comes to forms of communication.
  • Gift delivery – This is one of those features that is very special to include in a dating website. Dealing with long-distance relationships, there may become times where, once they become more serious, you want to send the other person gifts. There is a tab labeled gifts and flowers, which will allow you to order and have unique gifts delivered to your special someone.
  • My statistics – One of the best ways to narrow down your search is to understand what is going on with your profile. Having a ‘My Statistics' section that talks about the number of messages and profile visits you have can help you find that perfect someone. In this section, you also have areas for adding to favorites, who likes me, and other things like contacts and meeting requests.
  • Credits – Credits can be used to pay for items like sending flowers and other features, and this is an easy-to-find button for any user.
  • Faces – When it comes to the faces feature, this is where you will find Victoria Hearts personally chosen profile photos that the algorithm has decided would be good matches for you. You can either skip or like them, and the more you use this tool, the better the matches will get.
  • Contests – This feature allows you to, as you're searching, see the two dozen winners from the site's most recent beauty contest. These images will appear as photos from the user's profile with a red gown.
  • Messages – The messages tab is a place where you can view your instant messages from the other members you are communicating with. In this message box, you're allotted up to 300 characters.

These are just some of the features that you have available to you if you choose to take advantage of the vast database that Victoria Hearts offers.

Design and Usability

Though it doesn't affect the quality of matches you get, the user interface is still key when it comes to deciding if this is the right dating website for you. The interface is pretty simple and not very difficult to use. Its features are very easy to find as each page has a black header that has the main features laid out across it. The color combinations of the black header on top of a great background are easily visible.

When it comes to your actual profile, the photo is a decent size and all of your basic information, as well as communication boxes, are right alongside it. You also have access to a ‘My Statistics' column, which will help you filter and search romantic links better. When it comes to using a dating service, all of the features that are utilized to do this are very easily accessible and simple to understand.

Before you start searching, you will want to set your search filter parameters which are accessed through the button that says Find Me, Ladies. Here you can set up preferences having to do with country and city, religion, education, children, and many other preferences. After setting this up, you can then start to browse profiles and find your matches.

The Quality of the Profiles

No matter what level of membership that you opt-in for, you will be able to see all member's information. Directly below the profile photo, you will find the upload options as well as the chatbox. To make the profiles a higher quality, once you have a validated email, your profile will be given its own unique ID.

Every profile is the same, and that is key when it comes to the quality of the profiles. On your profile, you can opt to block or report a user, and both of these options are easily found. The interest buttons are all pretty easy to find, too, as they lie right next to the block or report action button. If you have to take this action, you will have to give a detailed reason why you're reporting this member.

Other things that really show that the company puts a lot of effort into the quality of their profiles is that you will be able to watch other member's videos via credits, and you can easily switch between different forms of communication. And these are just a few of the best things about this website's profiles.

Is Victoria Hearts Free to Use?

When you set up a profile, there are two categories of services that you will have access to. The first is the free services. This includes things like sending links, adding to favorites, and viewing profiles. These alone are enough to allow you to be able to connect with a multitude of others singles, but there are also some services that you can pay to elevate your results.

These services are purchased through credits that you can purchase by credit card. When doing this, the conversion rate for one credit is approximately $0.50. When it comes to fee-based services, these include tasks like sending short messages, accessing video chat, as well as photos and videos, and sending letters. Each of these fee-based services requires a certain amount of credits.

As an example, if you wish to send a letter, you will need 10 credits for the first one, and then after that, every letter will cost you 30 credits. Another example would be listening to audio from another member, and this costs 10 credits.

It also costs 10 credits to view each photo and 50 credits for their videos. If you're interested in live chats, you will be looking to pay 2 credits per minute so having a stock of credits is almost essential for improved communication.

Is Victoria Hearts a Genuine Dating Site?

The true sign of a genuine dating website is that they have a large selection of potential matches for you. This website has thousands of members that are located in different European countries like Russia and the Czech Republic. In fact, the app has over 13 million members globally and tends to cater to singles between 25 and 34 years old.

So as you see, these statistics and the popularity of this app's growth show that this is, in fact, a very genuine dating website, and most feedback from current users is very favorable.

Do I Feel Safe on Victoria Hearts?

The world of online dating has a lot of risks when it comes to being exposed to dating scams. That is why choosing a reputable dating service like Victoria Hearts that takes precautions to help protect you is a good option.

When it comes to the online security of their members, Victoria Hearts chooses a 128-bit SSL encryption which is one of the best encryption methods available. Along with this encryption, the company also uses built-in anti-malware such as Norton and McAfee secure. The platform is also PSI and DSS compliant and uses trusted payment options like Visa and MasterCard.

The dating platform also requires verification of your profile before you can start searching and is always giving members access to consistent safety tips so that they can feel more secure in using their services.

Pros and Cons

Before you make your final decision let's take a look at the pros and cons. By going over these maybe you will be able to make your decision with more ease. Here are the pros and cons for Victoria Hearts:


  • Faster matching because you can see who viewed and liked your profile
  • Your privacy and safety are a top priority
  • You can view and sign up for free
  • Uses trusted payment options
  • Over 13 million users around the world
  • Online status is visible for people that you know and have been talking to


  • The interface is out of date when compared to other sites
  • Most of the good features you have to pay to use

Bottom Line

When you take a deep look at Victoria Hearts, you can see that there are many great things about it. The sign-up is easy and quick, and the profile quality when it comes to the build is user-friendly and perfectly informative. When it comes to the actual contact with fellow users, these two are very simple, and there are plenty of options to be chosen from.

Though the user interface and layout of the actual platform are very basic and not really as exciting as other dating apps today, it meets all the requirements and allows you the chance to connect internationally with people that could potentially be your soulmate.