Review – Matchmaking Dating Site

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First Look

Megafriends ( is an online dating site but also just a place to hang out, have fun,
and meet friends. The website is super easy to navigate and there’s lots of stuff to do for free, so you can try before you pay the membership fee.


Here’s what to expect from Megafriends:

How it Works

First, join with a free membership. It only takes about a minute and then you can access many of the site’s best features: browse through online personals, send messages to members, read through the articles, have fun at the polls, and play some games.

The virtual gifts are a lot of fun too – there’s everything for birthday and holiday cards to candies and hugs. You can even send “bug off” and “you’re out of touch” gifts – but hopefully you won’t receive any! If you’re looking for friendship or love that’s a little different from the norm, you’ll love Megafriends. Couples can search for couples, singles can search for same-sex partners, opposite-sex partners, or both. You can indicate whether you’re just looking for some fun or something more serious. Either way, there are a lot of online personals to choose from!

If you want to really get the most out of Megafriends, you’ll need to become a paying member. This is especially important if you want to connect with someone who isn’t a paying member themselves. However, gold membership has other benefits: you can enjoy live chat and video, send and receive instant messages, create forums and private chat rooms, and much more. You’ll also enjoy the disappearance of all those annoying on-screen ads!


  • The free membership allows you to contact or receive messages from paying members. You can also send and
    receive virtual gifts and even accept private calls from members.
  • However, if you want to contact a non-paying member, instant message, create private chat rooms, and
    much more, upgrade to gold. It costs $9.99 – $19.95 per month, depending on how long you sign up for.


  • Unique search terms: you can do searches for couples, married people, and more
  • Find people with the same interests as you: yoga or bow hunting, anyone?
  •  Fun games, polls, and interesting articles
  • Lots to do with a free membership


  • The site is kind of “primitive” looking. It’s easy enough to get around but you may find the layout reminiscent of 1993
  • There are big ads all over the place that can be annoying – but they disappear with a paid membership

Final Thoughts

Although Megafriends isn’t exactly eye candy, it’s got a lot of interesting content that you don’t find on most other online dating sites. It’s also nice to have a site that caters to those of us who are looking for something beyond the traditional “boy-meets-girl” date. Megafriends is designed to hook you up with exactly the kind of person (or people!) you’re looking for, whether it’s long-term love, a one-night stand, or just a night out at the movies.