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The idea of finding your one true love is something that appeals to most of us. Some of us are lucky to meet that special someone at the gym or a local coffee shop. Others find that the search for their perfect partner is a struggle that often ends in frustration and sadness.

However, there is good news as online dating sites offer great potential in meeting someone who captures your heart. has matched thousands of starry-eyed lovers over the last decades, and business has never been better. The time has come, however, to see what this dating service is all about.

Introducing, A Modern Way to Find Love is also known as “A Foreign Affair.” Connecting singles from all over the globe, it is an international dating agency. Although it has memberships worldwide, the single ladies are mainly from Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The site has been running since 1995, and business is better than ever as several happy couples have been paired over the years.

Based in the USA, the company received the Best International Dating Agency and the Best Niche Dating Site in 2020. It has received several similar awards in 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2019. This is very impressive and shows us that this online dating agency is worth taking note of.

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How to Sign Up for

Signing up is simple and requires entering the basic information in the initial stage. New members need to fill in their first and last name, email address, birth date, and country of residence. All of these fields are obligatory, or access to the site will be denied. A photo is also necessary for registration to be completed. After that, a password needs to be set in place, and the new members can start browsing for love.

Further details need to be supplied to find potential matches. The team tries to find an ideal match for every single member, and accurate matching is only possible with more detailed information. A personality test offered when new members register improves the odds of accurate matching by a great deal, and that is the final goal. Everyone at the site is there to find their ideal match, so the more accurate the matching process is, the better it is for its members.

Men and women both need to answer all the questions to sign up. Everyone follows the same initial stage after leaving personal information. However, when it comes to the final step of registration, women have to upload their pictures, while this is optional for men. The questions that the members need to fill out are also not the same.

Women receive more questions about their appearance, while men answer questions about their background. Everything is pretty much the same, just the focus differs. However, the registration process is quick and takes only a few minutes for both men and women. People looking to find their perfect match can be registered and browse the database in under 10 minutes. That is very convenient.

The Main Features of

The company's competitive edge is the “Single Tour” service, which presupposes specially organized events to help couples find each other. selects the most idyllic locations to help singles find love. People who join these tours don't need to fear for their safety, as the company's managers know how to protect them. With such a vast amount of experience in international tours, this company is fully in the know when it comes to single tours. specializes in conducting meet-and-greet or romance tours to the Ukraine, Latin America, and Asia, depending on your choice of nationality. These tours usually attend 500-2000 women. They specialize in giving vacation romance tours to multiple locations around the world, specifically Ukraine (Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Kherson, Sumy, Nikolaev), Latin America (Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellin, Peru, Costa-Rica, Dominican Republic, Miss Columbia Event), Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Shenzhen, Chongqing), and Russia (St. Petersburg). Please, note that this is NOT a mail-order-bride service.

Media Center
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The company will hold your hand throughout the entire experience. Not only do they provide a tour guide so you won’t get lost in these exotic locations, but they will also handle your visa applications, book you in an international hotel for up to 45 days, give you a coach transport, provide free breakfast, organize social gatherings for the women you want to meet, and supply a 24-hour guidance service to handle any problems that might come up. Even if you aren’t looking for love or come up short in the dating arena, the tour is an excellent getaway from the stress of daily life and can be treated as any other vacation.

Therefore, is seen as one of the most successful dating agencies worldwide. There are about 80,000 members on the site from the USA alone. However, not all of them are active members. The number of active members is relatively lower, coming in at about 60,000 American men. That is most definitely not a small number, and it illustrates the desire for these dating services.

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Design and Usability

At first glance, the site's design isn't highly organized and seems a little cluttered. That being said, everything needed to proceed is there. Despite its messy appearance, it is a user-friendly site. The site delivers a service without a modern or trendy look. Instead, thousands of pictures of beautiful women are very effective in impressing at least the male audience.

One truly remarkable aspect of is that the number of members doesn't differ between age groups. That means the site offers a stable and balanced dating pool for people of all ages. That is comforting to know as a young woman might yearn for her first young love just as much as a mature man hopes to meet an older partner. Everyone deserves a chance of love, irrespective of age.

The navigation of the site is very straightforward. Everything is located in an easy-to-find layout. It is just the look of it that is slightly unappealing.

How Good is the's Profile Quality and Authenticity? offers members' profiles that are high in both quality and authenticity. How is this possible? Due to the personality test and the questionnaires women and men need to complete at registration, the risk of low quality or unauthentic profiles is minimalized.

Furthermore, extensive information about members is at hand. This information includes preferences in a potential match, relationship history, education background, and physical appearance. On top of that, members get the opportunity to describe themselves in a self-description section. Feedback from customers never mentions fake profiles, which is very comforting for those hoping to find their match for real.

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Making Contact

You have joined the site, and someone has caught your attention. How do you go about making the first move?
Firstly it is important to note that in order for a man to contact a woman, a fee needs to be paid. Free memberships only provide profile browsing.

Once the fees are paid, a man can message a woman. The message system works on a color system, which is interesting. The first introduction message sent by someone will be blue. Based on the profile information, these messages are sent to everyone who potentially matches you.

A green message means that someone has replied to your message. Another unique feature is that messaging isn't the only way to message a person. Gifts or flowers can also be sent and will be arranged by the company. Members are encouraged to send gifts as they are rewarded when they have spent $200 USD. Once members spend that amount, they get the opportunity to call a person for 10 minutes for free, and translation services are included.

In order to avoid disappointment, a man should notify the woman at least 24 hours before he makes the call. A phone call to a prospective match is a great way to see if you connect naturally, even if it requires the help of a translator. A well-received phone call will probably encourage the man to continue contacting the woman, and as a result, spend more money.'s Prices

Creating an account on is free. However, most people need more than what the free service includes since all you can do is browse through the database without the option of contacting the girls that have caught your eye. The company offers a platinum membership to members who want the most of the agency's services.

The site offers free and platinum memberships, both with their own services:

  • Free Services
  • Matches received
  • Inbox access
  • Women messaging men
  • Searching through profiles
  • Looking at profiles
  • Fee-based services
  • Men messaging women
  • Accessing private videos
  • Three-way phone calls with a translator
  • Single tours
  • Sending flowers to a woman

Based on the information above, it would appear that the site is free for women. However, only male members need a platinum membership. Men must pay a one-off fee of $95 USD to activate their platinum membership. After that, they must pay a $29.95 USD monthly platinum renewal fee. However, there are extra charges.

These additional charges include:

  • Sending a message that has been translated – $7.49 USD per page for platinum and$ 9.99 USD for non-platinum members
  • Sending a message that hasn't been translated – $2.50 USD for platinum and $9.99 USD for non-platinum members
  • Phone calls between the two interested parties and a translator – $3.99 USD per minute for platinum and $5.99 USD for non-platinum members
  • To initiate a message – $5.95 USD
  • Adding a photo to your letter – $3.50 USD

There are other notable premium features which include:

  • Flower deliveries to women in various regions
  • Discounted single tours for platinum members to mingle with other members within the week

Whether it is expensive or not will depend on how badly someone wants to find love. Realistically speaking, it is more costly than several other online dating agencies today. Many men are happy to pay the monthly fees and the additional costs for courting. However, other men become frustrated after they meet a beautiful girl and the corresponding fees pile up since they have to pay when they receive and send letters.

Does Loveme Have a Mobile App?

LoveMe doesn't have a mobile app currently. The reason isn't apparent, as most web agencies have developed their mobile apps to cater to users' needs on the go. However, all the required features are available through a desktop or a similar mobile version of the site. This means that you can still access a free mobile version of the site while using your phone browser.

In addition, the website will automatically change into a mobile version if you type on your phone. Although the phone version isn't as convenient as a mobile app, it isn't something that should be written off. It still offers accessibility to the site wherever members are in the world. Pros and Cons


Thousands of monthly website visitors (around 80,000)

Large numbers of visitors and members mean a higher chance of success for members to find a match.

2 decades of experience

After being in the business for more than 20 years, the company has a solid idea of what works and what doesn't. They are also very experienced in scam-checking, which improves the site's safety and security.

A solid overall rating of 7.3

An average of 70% is pretty good, considering the large number of members they have.


Security isn't 100% guaranteed

As with most things on the internet, security can never be 100% guaranteed. However, the site has an impressive success rate when it comes to security. Offering 24/7 support staff that works hard to check profiles and information given by members, we can't ignore their efforts to create a safe and trustworthy site.

Unimpressive design

The site's design doesn't leave much to be desired. It is much less attractive than many other dating agencies. However, it seems like functionality is more important to the site's managers and members as the site continues to flourish better than most of its more modern-looking competitors.

Costly add-ons

The site provides free membership, but that doesn't allow members enough access to properly date online. Members who want to have full platinum membership access need to pay up. These add-ons can be overwhelming and might make some members feel like it's all about the money.

Overall Opinion: Is a Scam or Trusted Site?

The ladies that men see in the site's gallery are all real. The authenticity of profiles is of great importance to the agency, and they are always trying to protect the site from both male and female fraudsters, therefore preventing scams.

Along with this, you can find endless lists of positive reviews on the company. The real-time video footage of single tours of beautiful ladies looking for their true love with the company's help is solid proof of their authenticity. The fact that the profiles are so detailed also points to authenticity. Several girls even include videos in their profiles, so it is clear to see that they are real.

Each man that goes on a romantic vacation to find his other half undergoes a thorough background check. The reason for this testing is for security. So women hoping to meet their forever person can mix and mingle freely on these romantic tours without worrying that they might be scammed.

That being said, there are always people who get through the loopholes when it comes to online dating. When dating, it is always a good idea to be reasonably cautious.

There are tips that people who are dating should keep in mind to keep themselves safe.

Don't use your social media photos for your dating profile. Doing a reverse image search with Google is very simple.

Therefore, if your dating profile matches one on your Instagram or Facebook account, it will be easy for someone to find you on social media.

Never connect with suspicious profiles and alert's support staff so that they can look into the account and remove it if necessary. When dating online, there are certain characteristics that show us it is better to avoid this person.

These people are better to be steered away from:

  • Someone who asks for financial assistance in any way; the biggest scam on the internet involves fake love relationships.
  • A person who claims to be from the USA, but isn't currently there. This just shows information that doesn't add up.
  • Someone who claims to be recently widowed with children. This might be true, but it could unfortunately also be a ploy to gain your sympathy.
  • Someone who disappears suddenly from the site then reappears under a different name. Fake names are a big warning sign for everyone trying to find love on the internet.
  • A person who gives vague answers to specific questions. People who use online dating services tend to take it seriously because that's why they are there. Someone who is vague might not be taking it as seriously as you are.
  • If a person is overly complimentary and romantic too early in your communication. Smooth talkers can be dangerous when you are dating online.
  • Definitely be aware of someone who pressures you to provide your phone number or talk outside the dating app. Never give out personal information that could affect your safety. Offering your phone number could be a bad call.
  • Someone who requests your home or work address under the guise of sending flowers or gifts. Never give your location to anyone on the internet that you don't know personally.
  • A person who tells inconsistent or grandiose stories. People who tell tall tales on the internet might not necessarily be dangerous, but they are probably not very trustworthy.
  • Someone who uses disjointed language and grammar but has a high level of education. A person who claims to be highly educated but lacks basic writing skills might be a fraudster or, at the very least, someone with a fake profile. Neither of those is someone you want to spend your energy on when searching for love.

When looking at feedback that the site has received over many years, it appears that the site is generally seen as a trusted site. In fact, has been a knight in shining armor to many lonely singles who hoped to find their one and only.