IMBRA Makes Online Dating Safer For Russian Women

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If you are currently involved with online dating or matchmaking, I am sure that you are aware of the many scams out there, some of which center around international dating sites. While most of the men out there have honest intentions when it comes to courting a beautiful Russian bride, a few bad apples have tainted the industry somewhat. However, thanks to the IMBRA (International Marriage BrokeRegulation Act) online dating is now safer for all parties involved.

This act constitutes that all online dating websites have to pass information from the man involved to the Russian women. Things that are commonly included in this report are criminal records, marital history, divorces, and things of that nature. This is a great law, because it protects both parties involved. Support for this act is widespread, although most advocate that the personal information be sent to the foreign women when men apply for the fiancé visa, not necessarily upon first contact. It is too difficult an unrealistic to expect such agencies to do a background check in every man that sends an email.

As a man it is important that you always dealing with an international dating/marriage website that is IMBRA compliant, because to apply for a fiancé visa successfully, you have to prove that she has had access to your background information, and is knowledgeable about your past. This protects both parties involved. At first many online dating agencies quivered at this act, but now almost all of them are on board, realizing that it is a good thing, and also protects the dating agencies themselves from any type of lawsuits.

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While these laws and litigation may seem unnecessary on the surface, it is important to understand that these laws are in the books to prevent these beautiful Russian women from predators. While 99.9% of men interested in online dating have honorable intentions, it is a necessity to watch out for the safety and well-being of these women who are seeking foreign husbands. Also, going through the legal process will keep scammers from trying to game the system, which is something that we will all benefit from.

So, when choosing a Russian online dating agency make sure that it is IMBRA compliant, and you will have a lot less headaches and much more security for you and your bride to be in the long run.