How to Choose a Dedicated International Dating Site

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Finding the right Ukrainian, Russian or Latin woman for you can certainly be difficultI know what it’s like, first experience, to find someone and only a few months later find out they’re no good for you.

Once you have found a site that fits your tastes check out the payments plans. As much as love shouldn’t have a price, I always keep in mind it is important. Most sites have two ways of paying: per use and via monthly. The way you decide to pay is up to you but the way I see it, how can you be certain to find the right lady if you’re not dedicated?

If you ask me I would read over the website’s history. Each site should have a section called something like “about us” and it there you will find the history from how they started to what their purpose and focus is. If this appeals to your taste, from there go find the reviews. Most sites have “testimonials” page or section, but not all. If such a page is not available Google is an excellent source.

Speaking for myself, from a woman point of a view, you should start by checking out the profiles of each potential “date”. All women have characteristics they’re looking for and some they do not wish to have in their respective partner.

Let’s start with a personal favorite called AnastasiaDate. This particular site charged by a credit to credit basis, and the site five different dating programs each having different credit usage. You can buy as low as 20 credits for $15.99. However, if you’re a frequent user, I believe that a better plan would be 160 credits for twenty cents off a credit with a grand total of $96.00.

Another creditable site to look into is ElenasModels. Now, in my opinion this site is more of a higher class type dating site paid via a monthly subscription. They’re prices are a little higher than AnastsiaDate, but as with everything else I know you’ll get exactly what you pay for! The GOLD plan, the most popular starts, out a low prince of $33/month for three months. If you have a little more in your pocket book, may I suggest the PLATINUM plan? This plan starts out at only $86/month for the first three months. All plans are billed in one lump payment.



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