InternationalCupid Review

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First Look:

International Cupid is one of the many online dating sites under the Cupid company umbrella. Cupid is a renowned online dating company that has been operating in the dating industry since the early days of the internet. Many Russian women out there are members of this site. If you’re looking for lovely foreign women seeking marriage, particularly Russian and Ukrainian women, here’s what you can expect from International Cupid:

InternationalCupid Review


  • A wide variety of ethnicity to choose from. The site attracts a huge number of Russian, Ukrainian, Asian and Latina women
  • English/French/German translation service to help minimize language barriers
  • Detailed profiles
  • Decent matchmaking opportunities with a free membership


  • Free membership. As a free member, you can receive and send messages to and from paid members, i.e. if a woman is a paying member, she can send you messages.
  • Best to upgrade –memberships run between $8 and $30 per month, depending on length of commitment.


  • Translation service is automatic and at times sketchy. Also, the languages available for translation are limited compared to the countries represented by the website’s members
  • Fewer services for people looking specifically for foreign brides, i.e. there are no matchmaking tours or introduction services like some other “full-service” international marriage sites.

How it Works

The nice thing about International Cupid is it’s user friendly interface. Just click on “Join For Free” and then start completing your details. You also get to fill in a lot of specific information about your perfect mate, such as her ethnicity, whether she’d be willing to relocate, and more.

Once you’re logged in the site, you can search, add ladies to your “interest” list, and get in touch with the ones who pique your curiosity. There are lots of enticing personals to peruse! In addition, you can find out who has interest in you and view your exact matches to narrow the search for your perfect Princess (or Prince).

If the woman you fall for happens to speak German, French, or Dutch you’ll also enjoy the site’s translation service of all messages to and from your potential bride. However, if she speaks another language, like Ukrainian or Mandarin, the site can’t help you. Fortunately, most foreign brides have at least passable English.


As a paid member you send and receive video messages, chat with other members, and connect with paid and non-paying members alike. You can also take advantage of much more customizable search options. A paid membership also allows you to include personal data so you can contact your favorite lady or guy outside of the site to get to the next relationship level.

Final Thoughts

Women from all over the world are waiting to become your bride, and you can find them at International Cupid. You’ll get to sift through a huge collection of gorgeous women who are looking for long-term love. While International Cupid may not be the best site in terms of specialized international marriage services, it’s definitely a great place to get your feet wet.