Colombian Bride Review

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First Look:

Colombia is famous for three things: coffee, women, and drugs. Now, the last part is a topic that law-abiding citizens like us aren't too interested in, so we’ll leave that sordid business to Pablo Escobar. As for the other two, most people know that Colombia is the most excellent producer of roasted beans in the world, but some might not know that they are also the home of sun-kissed Latinas who can make your heart rate spike up far more than a cup of joe. For those of you who might be considering tying the knot with one of these beauties,  Colombian Bride is your perfect starting point.

Colombian Bride

What is it like to date a Colombian?

Colombian Bride is an online dating agency that specializes in catering to foreign men looking for Colombian women. They have thousands of native Colombians (including those from Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Medellin) registered on their website, all of them ready and eager to settle down. In their own country, Colombian women often have to put up with the frivolities of the typical, young Colombian male. For this reason, they are very attracted to committed foreign men who can show a sense of maturity and who are looking for a serious and stable relationship.

Most Colombian women are liberated in their mindset. They are not as shy and conservative as Asians. They often rival the flirtatious and playful nature of Americans. However, the main difference is their attitude towards family. While most Western girls aren’t too keen on sticking to traditional roles, Colombian women take motherhood and being a wife seriously. Once the two of you get married, she’s going to expect you to perform your manly duties (i.e., bringing home the bacon, protecting her from danger, initiating lovemaking, and so on). If you think that you can get away with being a deadbeat, think again. On the other hand, you can also expect the pleasant sight of seeing her cook your meals, dote over your kids, and give you the much-needed emotional motivation to do well in your career. For many men, this is the perfect combination: you get the traditional outlook of Asia plus the adventurous spirit of the West, all packaged in the classic brown beauty.

You couldn’t ask for more in a wife.

Why should I use My Colombian Bride?

If you have any familiarity at all with social networking sites, then you should be able to navigate My Colombian Bride without any problems. 24-hour Profiles are free, which means that you can start browsing through them even without paying anything. For the other features mentioned above, you need to secure a platinum membership that costs $95.00 for the first month and $29.95 for subsequent months

Those who can’t wait to get to know the Colombian ladies can dive straight in and take one of the regular tours that My Colombian Bride organizes to different areas of the country.

What is a Latin Romance Tour?

The romance tour is a guided tour of Colombia, with the express purpose of getting to know their women on a romantic level. Please note that this is NOT a sex tour; you will be going there to date and converse with the women, not to have one-night stands with them. Romance tours are offered in three major cities of Colombia as well as Peru and Costa Rica: Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellin in Colombia as well as Lima, Peru, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

  • Cartagena Singles Tour – this is a port city that is also a popular tourist destination because of its sandy beaches and colonial architecture. Activities are usually centered around water sports and sunbathing. If this is your type of thing, then Cartagena should be your priority. The women here are particularly outgoing and bubbly, so expect some high-energy ladies. Cartagena is also home of the Miss Colombian Beauty Pagent, and a special tour is available in October for this special event. You don't want to miss this!
  • Barranquilla Singles Tour– another port city like Cartagena, but this one is not known so much for its beaches but rather for its colorful, costumed festivals. If you prefer street-level types of adventure where you can meet and interact with people while exploring the city, then choose Barranquilla. A lot of women here come from posh neighborhoods, so expect a lot of sass. Many of the more recent Miss Universe winners come from Barranquilla!
  • Medellin Romance Tour – this is a bustling metropolis with malls and metro rails, as well as a scenic view of the mountainside. Compared to the other two above, Colombians living here are more refined and sophisticated due to the urban nature of the city. If you’re the quiet type of guy who would instead enjoy his afternoons chatting at a coffee shop rather than swimming in the beach or marching in the street, then choose Medellin.

Latin Singles Trip Includes:

  • Large, fully catered socials, which you may invite women you have met on the site
  • Unlimited personal Introductions
  • Breakfast Dailey
  • One hotel area and city orientation tour
  • 1 month Platinum Membership ($95 value)
  • 24 hour hospitality/guidance from staff
  • Airport pickup
  • Free interpreters provided at all socials

All three trips features the following services: invitation-only social outings featuring lots of food and music, guaranteed attendance of women from the website, high women-to-men ratio so that you will have less competition, optional private dates in case you want to get away from the crowd, and staff assistance for all your needs or emergency concerns.


  • Free features include viewing all profiles and photos of beautiful women.
  • Platinum membership costs $95.00 for the first month and $29.95 for subsequent months. The Platinum Membership allows you to meet more Latin women every month and includes amazing discounts on services.
  • Express Mail Discounts (Non-Platinum pay $9.99, Platinum pay $7.49).
  • Three-way phone translation discount $2.00 per minute
  • 29.95 Monthly renewal fee will be credited towards a full Romance Tour of your choice

What are some disadvantages of using My Colombian Bride?

One thing to keep in mind when dating Colombian women is the language barrier. Most Colombians speak very little or no English at all. Dating Colombian girls is much easier when you can speak their native Spanish, and you should at least be willing to learn the basics of the language. Just in case you don’t speak Spanish, then try and find a Colombian woman who knows English and can help you communicate with the rest of her family when you visit them. If you apply for a platinum membership or join one of the romance tours, My Colombian Bride provides their human translator, so this should not be an issue for paying members.

Another problem specific to My Colombian Bride is the datedness of their website. This might not be a big deal, but we feel that updating their user interface would go a long way towards attracting new customers. As it stands now, it looks like something that was made during the early days of the Internet. Despite its limited aesthetic appeal, though, we can definitely vouch for My Colombian Bride’s success rate and experience in the field.

Are you ready to start looking for the Colombian lady of your dreams? Visit My Colombian Bride and take a look at the beautiful women that are waiting for you. Your Colombian sweetheart may very well be there among them!