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First Look: is very much a Ukrainian bride site. The company is based in Kharkov, Ukraine and offers all that a man would need to meet a genuine Ukrainian lady looking for marriage. Browsing through the profiles, I found that many of the ladies on the site are professionals. This is a good sign for men wanting to meet smart and accommodating Ukrainian ladies for chatting and email correspondence.

Charming Brides Review


  • There are hundreds of profiles of Ukrainian women on this site with good descriptions.
  • Plenty of tour packages available and the site provides information about the different areas.
  • Excellent search facilities
  • Complies with the “International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA)” which applies to all U.S. men.


  • Some services are priced separately and not a part of a package. It would be nice to see more packages that include various services to simplify things. However the personal tours do offer some services depending on which package you choose.


  • Free signup allows you to send one e-mail to a lady.
  • 1 month of unlimited photo forwarding 12.00 euro
  • 1 month unlimited correspondence with up to 3 ladies (+unlimited photo forwarding) – 60.00 euro
  • 1 month unlimited correspondence with up to 6 ladies (+unlimited photo forwarding) – 95.00 euro
  • Individual tours available

How it Works

A relationship with a Ukrainian bride is likely to be different from any relationship you have had before. When you visit, you will be able to see the women and find out some information about them. If you are looking for marriage to a charming bride, you should give serious consideration to finding a Ukrainian bride. Take the time to look through the many beautiful Ukrainian women on this site.

Write to girls who come regularly to the site, they are serious and understand that the construction of the relationship needs time and dedication. does its best to help couples meet each other, socialize, establish serious relationship and create a happy family. Today one of the biggest problems most guys face in trying to find a good Ukrainian bride is trying to figure out which women are real and serious and which women are players or scammers. offer tours to Karkov Ukraine in three packages: Economic class package for the trip to Kharov, Ukraine (560EUR): Business class package for the trip to Kharkov, Ukraine (1050 EUR): andFirst class package for trip to Kharkov, Ukraine (1540 EUR): In addition to helping men to find and meet many good Ukrainian ladies, they also help men with such things as meeting them upon arrival at airports, once in the country meeting them at train stations and bus terminals, getting men from city to city and back home, providing clean, secure flats with great locations in the center of the city at good prices, discounted rates on hotel rooms, hand delivering to ladies of flowers, gifts, letters with your photos.


Many people share experiences in the web forums, telling stories of either extremely successful relationships they managed to start with the help of dating sites or unpleasant experiences with Ukrainian women who were trying by all means to hang on to them and use them as a tool to get away from their native country.

Ukrainian culture, traditions and everyday life in the Ukraine is going to be different to the way that you were brought up. If you are serious about marrying a Ukrainian woman, then getting some knowledge about their culture should be important to you.

When writing, always keep in mind that it may be necessary to show your correspondence letters or e-mail to Immigration, as proof of your serious relationship. You should also have plent6y of photographs of the two of you together when you travel to her town.

Final Thoughts

Find a Ukrainian bride in 3 easy steps. Register on as a trial member to find detailed information regarding any Ukraine brides, upgrade your membership to get the most from correspondence, plan your meeting and take a vacation to the Ukraine to see the women you have been dating. If you follow simple rules you will end up with an excellent chance of winning a beautiful and loving Ukrainian wife for life.

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