BeHappy2Day Review

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This dating site we are reviewing here is located exactly where the girls are, in Tver, Russia. However, now features women from Russia, the Ukraine, Asia and Latin America. The head office is in Tver but they have over 500 sub offices in Russia, the Ukraine, Latin America, Asia and the USA. The concept behind this dating website is expressed in its name. Men who want to be happy as soon as possible with the sultry and voluptuous  woman of their dreams can do just that by joining the website. Joining the site is simple. In fact, unlike other dating sites, you don’t have to worry about sending emails to so many women. Just set up a good profile, describe yourself, talk about what you’re looking for in a partner and sit back as the ladies contact you.


The website’s user interface is quite simple to use. Simply join the site and start filling in your profile. It is important to make a good first impression as the women will make the first connection, so make sure you have a great profile. A unique feature of BeHappy2day is you don’t have to send emails or messages to women for connections. Instead, the women contact you when they view, and if they like, your profile. This feature is very convenient for men who are quite shy and not too keen on making the first move. Make the first impression count by setting up a great profile that describes yourself, your aspirations in life in general, as well as details such as your ideal partner, and the future you see yourself in with your special someone.

The things you put in your profile will allow the girls to search for you. The more detailed your profile is, the more likely your match can find you. Some men think setting up photos and skipping some questions would suffice. But the reality is that girls want to know about you, including the small details like your views on family, fitness, health, finances, work and the number of children you want to have.

Joining the website BeHappy2day is absolutely FREE. Signing up allows you to freely browse around the site and look at the different profiles of women, also for free.

Credits are important at BeHappy2Day because they enable you to contact the women when they’ve messaged you. There are a variety of packages to choose, and you can use these credits to contact or message the women. Credit rates vary from $0.38 to $0.75 per credit. The more credits you purchase, the lower the rate. The chart will guide you through the different credit rates to help you choose which one suits you best.

The credits are for connecting with women through messages and live chats, with automatic translation to 13 languages and personal translators for phone conversations. This is one of BeHappy2Day’s best features, allowing you to talk to the woman of your dreams over the phone. And with a personal phone translator, you can communicate easily and understand clearly what she is saying. There’s no guesswork involved, and it is a special treat to get to know her more, and hear her express herself more. The more you communicate and connect with her, the more likely the match will progress.
The prices vary from as low as $ 0.38 to $ 0.75 per
1 credit depending on the package of credits you choose to purchase. See to compare:

Credit rates are:

  • 1000 cr for $379.00 / $0.38 per credit
  • 500 cr for $236.00 / $0.47 per credit
  • 320 cr for $171.00 / $0.53 per credit
  • 160 cr for $92.00 / $0.58 per credit
  • 80 cr for $52.00 / $0.65 per credit
  • 40 cr for $28.00 / $0.70 per credit
  • 20 cr for $15.00 / $0.75 per credit

Some of the the services BeHappy2Day offers are :  live chat (with automatic translation to the 13 languages), live video chat, 2-way live video chat, flowers & gift delivery (which they have recently updated). They also have a Blog on the website with weekly posts that usually feature helpful dating tips. There is also a video gallery where clients can view videos of the ladies for about 10 credits as well as videos on the ladies profiles.

Tips on Finding Your Dream Girl

  • Set up a good profile that shows your personality. This is not the site for men who don’t wish to disclose too much information about themselves. In order to get noticed by the women here, you should be more detailed about your life, disclose some personal details about yourself, and upload and describe pictures. Remember, these women are also looking for their own dreamboats and they want to know more about the men they are matched with.
  • Never skip questions, be as honest and as forthcoming as you possibly can with your personality and your life. Details about your family, fitness, health, work, finances, and even the number of children you want to have are vital. Like you, these women are also seriously looking for their own place in the sun. A vague profile and description would be bypassed for more open and forthcoming men on the site.
  • Use the other features of the website to woo and win the hand of the woman of your dreams. BeHappy2Day offers a variety of features that allows you to have live chats, deliver gifts and flowers, and more importantly, provides translators. You can view profiles of the women, including videos.
  • Be updated to what’s new on the website, including dating tips, by checking out their blog. Here you’ll find useful tips on how to go about chatting, and getting to know and dating a woman of a different cultural background. This helps to close the gap between cultures by getting to know the different nuances in each culture and help you adapt and understand the woman of your dreams. BeHappy2Day aims to help you to be happy today in every way possible and their blogs come in handy when dealing with cultural differences.

Don’t worry about finding out what she’s talking about as so many translators are around to help you with the finer details of conversing with a Russian girl. Unlike other mail order bride sites, there is also a phone translation service available for you to really understand what the woman wants to talk about. Hire a phone translator for as low as $1.99 per minute.

The BeHappy2Day dating website has its share of advantages and disadvantages, much like any other site in the business. We’ve weighed the pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages), so can look and decide whether this site will deliver the experience and results you want from a dating/matchmaking site.


  • The BeHappy2Day dating site has been in the business of dating, matchmaking, and mail-order brides since 2002. Their growth and stability in the business is shown in the quality of service and security they provide clients.
  • They make sure women members are legitimate and scam-free by doing background checks.
  • They keep their clients safe through their guidelines and tips on safety and security.
  • Credit purchases use a secure third party credit card processor, such as Verotel and Paypal.
  • BeHappy2Day knows that the nature of the business is very close and personal, and so they keep information about the men and women on the site private and do not allow data distribution to third parties.


  • Letters or emails, messaging, and live chats are limited on site. The reason behind this is two-fold: (1) to protect clients; and (2) to make sure you purchase credits to connect with the women.
  • Speaking of credits, by industry standard, prices are reasonable, but it does cost a great deal to be able to contact, connect, and see the women, whether through emails, chats, or in-person. Although buying credits is flexible to what you can afford, this has a limiting effect on the ability to stay connected to the woman or women you chose to connect with.

Final Thoughts

The BeHappy2Day dating website legitimately aims to provide you with the opportunity to meet your ideal woman, today. It ensures the person you are connecting with is real and true by allowing her to choose you. Connecting and communicating is made easy with automatic translation and personal translators. They have special services such as gift and flower deliveries. These are special touches not often thought of by other websites. All in all, this website really offers what the name implies, it gives you the opportunity to “Be Happy Today” – don’t wait!