The Art of First Date Seduction

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First dates can be a horror story if you don’t do your homework. If you’re reading this article, you may be working on one particular aspect of first dates that’s particularly tricky: seduction. Seducing your date could mean the difference between being just friends and being steaming hot lovers in the future. Some daters never get over their first dates, and the first impressions. Here are some tips if you want to start your dating life in the right direction.

Find a Quiet Public Place

A public place, like a coffee shop, can be the venue for your date. You’re on neutral ground and there’s no pressure to do something else besides talk and sip coffee. The strange thing about coffee shops is that everyone seems too busy to listen to adjacent tables. Some coffee shops are relatively quiet, with the subdued, relaxing music streaming from speakers. Thus, you can have a conversation better than you would think.

Take advantage of the mood in the place and tell your date stories of what you did the other day or the other month. If you feel like your stories are not interesting enough, encourage your date to tell you about his or her day. Compelling conversation is a turn on, regardless of where you are.

Sit Beside Each Other

One thing that makes a coffee date suck is that you’re sitting across each other, which creates a feeling of being on a normal coffee date. If you want to seduce your date, sit beside him or her, not in front. The proximity will subconsciously alert your date that you’re not in it for just friendship. It’s also easier to be touchy-feely when you don’t have to reach across the coffee table to touch your date when you want to tease him or her after you tell a joke.

Move to Another Venue

If you want to change the mood to a more romantic one, you can finish off your coffee and move to another place. It can be another public place that’s more conducive to romance. When you’ve figured out what kind of date your partner is expecting after coffee, you can think of a better place to go to. One clue is looking at the get-up of your date. If you’re dating a girl and she’s wearing a dress and strappy shoes, don’t take her to the movies where no one will be able to see her. Take her dancing, or to a classy bar where she can feel at ease wearing her outfit.

These are just a few techniques you can try on that first date to move things to the next level and hopefully have an even better second date and on from there.