Are Ukrainian Women Just After Your Money?

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What happened to all the the modest, family-loving Ukrainian women, looking for lasting relationships? Now sexy, revealing clothing are the norm with Ukrainian girls as they enjoy the new freedom to dress however they like.

Ukrainian woman in white dress

In her article below, Yuliya Popova paints a rather negative picture of Ukrainian girls who are desperate to attract the attention of wealthy men and get access to their money.  She says that Ukrainian women are easy to get but also very demanding of their men and will not stop at anything to make a quick buck off a vulnerable suitor.

To be honest, we don't agree with this way of tarring all Ukrainian women with the same brush. Just like anywhere else in the world, you will find different kinds of women in Russia, and there are loving, devoted Ukrainian brides waiting for you alright! It's just that they are often unfortunately outshone by the gaudy women that Yuliya describes.

So how do you go about choosing the right Russian bride when you're online dating? A good place to start is to take a close look at the photos the Russian ladies put up on their profiles and find out what a woman's online dating photo tells you about her.

Men complain quality women are becoming scarcer

| Yuliya Popova
You cannot mistake a Ukrainian woman for any other. In Frankfurt’s airport, she will be applying mascara to achieve that doe-eyed look before the 8 a.m. flight. At home in Kyiv, she wears a peek-a-boo mini skirt to the office. At weddings, she makes sure she looks better than the bride. In a swimming pool, it’s not just any pair of old flip-flops that she wears, but beaded hand-made masterpieces on heels from somewhere in India.

If Aristotle lived nowadays and said his famous phrase that in all things of nature there is something of the marvelous, he would mean Ukrainian women, for sure. Whenever I ask an expatriate working in Kyiv why he came here, the first reason he gives is – women; and only then career development.

Of course, it’s a joke but it’s not funny anymore.

It seems that the breed of females under 30 has changed in Ukraine. They are no longer a universal package of feminine, pretty, caring, smart and family-oriented as dating agencies like to sell them. Most of them are either one thing or another. I often hear girlfriends complaining of being unable to find suitable dating material, but I was taken aback one Wednesday night when a smart, fun and good-looking New Yorker asked me where to meet a keeper (a woman for a serious relationship) in this town.Kyiv Post staff writer Yuliya Popova can be reached at [email protected]