ThaiCupid Review

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Thai Cupid is the Thai equivalent of other Cupid Media dating sites. Cupid Media is a popular dating services provider and this company has been around for years in its mission to help singles find each other wherever in the world they may be. Here are some of the things I like about Thai Love Links.

Informative Profile Matching

The personal details the site requires you to put in are informative enough for potential dates to determine if you are the one for them. You can expect the same thing in the profiles you will browse on the site. At a glance, you will know whether the girl you’re interested in is a smoker or a non-smoker, is single or divorced, is interested in relocating, etc. You will also be asked to specify the traits you are looking for in a partner. When you view a particular profile, the right hand side will let you know if the person is compatible with you or not. There’s a check mark for every item on the profile that you’ve listed as a trait you’re looking for in a partner.

Free Membership and Reasonable Membership Upgrade Rates

While other dating sites severely limits what a free member can do, Thai Love Links keeps email functions open even for free members. However, as a free member you can only send e-mail to paying members as well as you are able to open emails if the sender is a paying member. Initially, membership is free, but the member will have the option of upgrading to unlock better features such as video introductions, appearing first in search results and unrestricted access to emails (even from regular members).

Upgrade rates are reasonable at less than 29 USD a month. Applying for long-term membership (6 months or one year) would mean substantial discount in the monthly rate, which could go as low as less than 10 USD a month for the Gold membership for 1 year.


  • Gold $29 a month for one month, $20.00 USD per month 3 months, $16.66 USD per month 6 months, $10.00 USD per month for 1 year (one payment $119.99)
  • Platinum $34.99 USD for 1 month, $23.33 USD per month for 3 months, $20.00 USD per month 6 months or $12.50 USD per month for one year (one payment of $149.99)

Here is what you get:

With a paid Gold membership you can immediately start contacting free and paid online singles after you view their profile. The chat box is a pop-up box that loads in another browser so you don’t have to stop browsing other profiles while chatting with a girl, or while waiting for a girl to respond to your chat request. Free members are also allowed to read your messages with the Gold membership so you have more opportunities to meet the Thai lady of your dreams.

With the Platinum membership your profile ranks above the standard profiles and you get advanced features such watch video profiles, send video e-mail, read video e-mail and translate messages into other languages.

Excellent Live Chat Feature

For paid members, you can immediately send a message to a person you want to meet if that person is online. A small icon beside the person’s name tells you whether or not the person is online. At the same time, an indicator of your online status will appear beside your profile. If you wish to turn off the chat function so that you can answer and read emails in peace, you just have to arrange your settings so that the “online” icon does not appear.

The chat function enables video, so that you can see the person you are chatting with. There is a separate window for the live chat, enabling you to keep browsing members’ profiles on the site while chatting with someone. While the chat rooms are not moderated, there is a function that will allow you to copy the transcript of the chat and send it to a customer service representative if the member you are chatting with is being rude or offensive.

Free Translation

There is a handy translation tool all over the site, which can be helpful if you want to view the text in the email and profile in a language other than English. Translations are provided for several languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai.