How To Talk Sexy To A Man Over Chat

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In dating, one of the biggest mistakes that women make is thinking that the moves must only come from men. The man shows interest, the woman responds. This line of thinking is even more pronounced during chat or instant messaging. Sometimes, women take the easy way out and claim to be shy, just so they don’t have to ask questions or do anything to keep the conversation going. This, of course, makes the other party feel bored and eager to find a less taciturn chat partner.

Talking sexy during chat can come in many forms, not just the usual one where one dater or the other asks to have a cam chat, after which typing becomes unnecessary. Here are some tips to make chatting more enjoyable and sexy.

– Use endearments.

Saying “hello” can be sexier when you attach an endearment. Calling a total stranger honey or darling can feel odd, but this gesture will bring on a smile, if not delighted laughter. Just that one endearment will make another person closer, because the endearment is familiar to them. On an online dating site where you’re supposed to meet daters from other parts of the world, e.g. Asia or Latin America, you can memorize a special endearment in your date’s language to make it more personal.

– Make the webcam optional.

Let’s face it, many people are not into opening their webcams during the first chat. There are all sorts of stories about chatting with a webcam on, and decent men in particular are wary of strangers that demand a cam chat as soon as possible. When you talk, make it seem like you’re speaking with the other person normally and face to face, even if no webcam is on. Make your conversation the center of the chat. Here’s the thing. If you pique your potential date’s interest, you may progress from the chat to the first date faster than you think.

– React promptly.

Some daters have a dozen or so chat windows open, which may work to your advantage if you want to collect chatmates and select only the more interesting ones, but you’re losing the opportunity to concentrate on one conversation. Moreover, your potential date feels like you’re not reacting promptly enough, or you’re doing other things while the chat is on. This is the online equivalent of fidgeting and talking to other people while on a one-on-one date. Respond to questions, or react to stories every once in a while, to keep your date interested. If you don’t feel like saying something, type in an emoticon to express your feelings.