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Senior FriendFinder ( is the largest online dating and matchmaking site dedicated to North American seniors. If you’re looking for love, the site boasts thousands of members to peruse; if it’s a travel buddy or bridge partner you want, you’ve got your pick of the litter.

Here are the ins and outs of Senior FriendFinder:

SeniorFriendFinder Review: Detailed Overview

Senior FriendFinder

How it Works

Your membership with Senior FriendFinder starts with a search. You can be as general or as broad as you like; you can even specify that you want, say, couples, or people who never been married. With thousands of members, there will be no shortage of seniors to chat and interact with.

Senior FriendFinder also has a great feature called “Cupid Settings.” All you have to do is specify the ideal online personal ad, and when it appears, Cupid lets you know by sending you a message. It’s a great way to let the best profiles come to you, without doing a lot of legwork.

Until you pay, you can enjoy Senior FriendFinder’s free content– their magazine, online chat, your own blog or chat room, etc. – to meet people. The more you use these features, the more popular you become, and the most popular members get featured in a special section of the website that makes your profile much more visible to other members.

Once you’ve paid, you can take advantage of recording videos, viewing complete profiles and full-sized pictures, more advanced searches, instant messenger, and more. There is so much to do on Senior FriendFinder that if you wanted to spend literally all day, every day chatting with enticing mature singles or couples online, you absolutely could.

Senior FriendFinder also does their best to connect you with locals. Find coffee dates, bridge clubs, travel companions, bowling groups, book clubs and more, not to mention the potential for an exciting romance or long-term love.

How to Sign Up for

The initial step of registration highlights an exciting aspect of this site. The registration form seems pretty standard until you get to the section where you need to select your gender. The options given by the site allow for two or more people looking for a man, woman, or a group.

So, although the website caters specifically to seniors, it doesn't limit the experiences for them. Seeing that two people can join the site and create a single profile, it is clear that the site allows joint couples to use its services.

Finding the registration button is easy since it is located twice on Senior FriendFinder, in the right top corner and the bottom of the page. The top right corner offers a log-in option or a register option. When new members scroll down the page, a button says, ‘Join now”.

There are five steps to registration similar to other dating sites, with most questions being optional. However, the Senior FriendFinder team encourages its members to answer every question for a complete and exciting profile.

Another nice feature that comes up at registration that is rare in dating websites is that seniors can state how active their lifestyle is. Once you have completed the questions and provided a photo for your profile, you can proceed to view your profile.

It is important to note that the Senior FriendFinder team checks each new profile and membership. Therefore, new profiles are limited to view by the creator only until the check has been passed. Fortunately, this doesn't usually take longer than 24 hours.

If your profile has the following, it will be approved even faster:

  • A decent photo of you (It is frowned upon in all dating sites to use pictures of celebrities, and Senior FriendFinder is no exception. Fake photos make the entire profile seem fake and will not be tolerated.)
  • No harsh or abusive language (Since this is a professional dating site and not a bar, the team of Senior FriendFinder has a high standard of interaction that they expect from users.)
  • No content that is seen as sensitive or crude
  • Nothing seen as controversial

If these elements are all in check, the team will approve your profile within a couple of hours, and the search for online friends or something more can begin.

User Interface

The functionality and design of Senior FriendFinder seem very simple and straightforward. However, it lacks a lot of modern and trendy functions that several other dating websites have. There is no video chatting available, for example.

An extensive guide explains the site's navigation process in the FAQ section and reappears through customer support.

The site is very user-friendly, as the top menu showcases all the most frequently used tools. The additional ones which are most often used for the information can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Matching System

Although the website has a simple design, it is well-suited for the function it provides, especially considering that its target market doesn't really care about a modern or fancy design. Instead, it is seen as a plus that the website is straightforward and matches the setup of most other dating sites created for older people.

Primary stats can be checked on the left side of the website. These primary stats will include:

  • how many messages the member has
  • if there have been any profile views
  • if there have been any flirts
  • forum posts

The middle section of the website is set up for the main search results. Other singles are displayed in an obvious format, with age and gender clearly shown, too. In fact, the design is very clever, since the information is included next to the person's name. For example, if Bob, who is aged 65 years, joins Senior FriendFinder, his name will appear like this: Bob 65M. The right side of the screen features the site's extended community, featuring the following:

  • blog posts
  • testimonials of success
  • group events

As with a lot of other dating websites, potential matches appear based on your selection criteria. These matches seem to be entirely accurate, especially since the team takes the time to check new profiles first thoroughly.

Communicating With Members

Once the member has found a match, communication can begin. To find a match more easily and quickly, the team at Senior FriendFinders suggests a complete profile, as searches can be done based on sections of the profile. Therefore, if your profile has sections that have been skipped, the odds of it appearing in the search results of another member are slimmer.

This also applies to paid memberships and the use of advanced filters such as:

  • instant messaging
  • chat Groups
  • blogs

It is a good idea to check who is there before joining any chat. Specific topics are frequently assigned to conversations. Although the topics of the chat might not be related to dating, it could lead to private messaging after the chat.

Another great thing about Senior FriendFinder is that the site is similar to a social network, allowing everyone to write down ideas, thoughts, and articles. Others can comment on these things, and it can lead to fans and admirers.

Senior FriendFinder App

Although Senior FriendFinder doesn't have an app version, it is ready for the tech-savvy elderly. Members who prefer using a smartphone or tablet will find enough support to make it successful. Senior FriendFinder is entirely mobile-friendly, thanks to a browser that has been designed for mobile screens with navigation via touchscreen.

For people using iOS devices, the service is accessible through an application known as All FriendFinder. This app is home to all of the sites that the FriendFinder network runs, including Senior FriendFinder.

With just a few taps, iOS device owners can access the content of the site.

Using the iOS app provides the following services:

  • checking and sending messages
  • finding other local members
  • uploading photos directly from your iOS device.

Unfortunately, the Android version isn't available, which can be frustrating for members who are not using Apple devices.


The Senior FriendFinder team offers a set of rules that all members should follow to ensure their safety. New members are advised to study the privacy policies and code of conduct carefully. Warnings against the potential hazards of online dating have been issued to the website.

Although the team is thorough in its efforts to eliminate any online dangers, it can't control the actions of each member on the platform. Therefore they advise members to filter the information given by potential matches.

The following should always be avoided:

  • transferring of money
  • sharing billing details or credentials
  • opening links sent by unknown members

Since the site can't monitor private messages, it can only advise its members not to click on links offered by unknown users. The reason for this is that it might lead to scams.

As the company doesn't have a legal right to perform complete background checks on its members, members are asked to be wise when it comes to who they talk to and how much information they share. Although the site doesn't ask for a lot of information, members are required to give an email address. In case of any incident, a person can be traced using the email address.

General feedback given on Senior FriendFinder is positive in regards to safety. The fact that profiles are restricted until after a check by the team helps build a safe platform.


  • The limited access standard account is free. To join, it costs $7.77 to $34.94 per month, depending on
    the type of account you choose and how long you sign up for.
  • If you go for the least expensive option, you’ll pay for a year upfront but you’ll also get 6 months extra
    for free.


  • Fun ways to interact, including chat rooms, groups, an online magazine, and more
  • Hundreds of thousands of seniors across North America looking for friendship, activity partners, romance… the list goes on
  • An affordable way to boost your social life and turn online fun into real life excitement


  • Senior FriendFinder has perhaps too many features that will almost certainly overwhelm those who need a simpler online experience. If you can’t put in the time to learn the ropes, it’s best to try another site
  • A paid subscription is necessary to access most of the cool features of this site; you can’t even see normal-sized profile photos without one

Final Thoughts

Senior FriendFinder is the Internet’s answer to connecting older singles or couples who are looking for a more meaningful social life. The only real issue is that the technology behind the site may be a little too much for some seniors to handle, but if you’re patient enough to find your way around, it can be a fantastic way to meet people who want what you want – a great time and maybe a little romance.