PinkCupid Review

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Hi, I’m Geena and I’ve been on for a year. I wouldn’t normally submit a review of any dating site I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a few), but I was hardpressed to create one for this site because of all the things I’ve been reading online about it.

But I can understand where the misunderstanding is coming from. It’s not a “perfect” dating site, and there are still several things I email the support team incessantly about when I’m really annoyed about a feature. And, now that I’ve taken the final step and am now living with my soulmate who I met on pinkcupid, I can talk about my experience on the site and online dating in general.

Initially, I joined as a free member who can browse profiles freely. There’s an option to upgrade, but I wanted to check out if I can contact others even without doing so. I was able to, through instant messenger, and that’s how I met my short-lived flings on the site. It works this way: when you see someone browse your profile through the “who’s viewed me” and “who liked my profile” features, you can immediately message that person to follow up on that interest.

My free profile had only enough space for several photos, and my new friends on pinkcupid wanted more photos. But that’s not the only reason why I took the leap of faith and bought a gold membership.

I found out that unlimited emails are great for receiving more messages from other members. Instant messaging is good only for when you’re around to receive them. Getting the gold membership cost me less than 30 USD a month, but it was worth all the attention I was getting from the pretty girls on site. I was on top of the search results most of the time, which meant receiving dozens of emails a day.

Another more important reason for upgrading is to block members, especially those who pretend to be female but are actually perverted males who want to heckle lesbians.

When it was finally time to leave the site because I already met someone who promised to quit online dating if I did the same, that’s where the annoying part comes in. Apparently, you have to email the support team if you want to disable your account and your credit card payments. They do it rather quickly, but I guess many people don’t know what to do if they want out. Pinkcupid should address this issue quickly.

Thanks to Geena for posting this user review of PinkCupid.