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Today we are going to review, a free international dating site for singles in countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Philippines, Canada and just about every country where singles are looking for romance, love, or just friends!

Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of free dating websites out there. The major reason is that administrators need to pay the bills, and if there aren’t profits coming in, then there’s no point losing money on any business. This is why it’s so strange that Love Awake, a romance service started in 2008, is still operating despite being completely free to use. Is it legitimate or is there more that we need to know? Let’s find out!


Starting in 2008 by a Russian Entrepreneur, Loveawake has taken the world at large, growing to become one of the more popular dating sites globally, and that popularity is still growing. With over 1.5 million active users, you’ll get the opportunity to explore a vast database of people from around the world who might be interested in you.

As with all online dating sites, it’s always good to exercise a fair amount of healthy skepticism. Loveawake is a dating site that is free to use, which may already set off a few red flags for anyone familiar with these kinds of platforms. One of the most significant issues free dating sites face is creating fake dating profiles, or that it could be an online dating scam.

For now, let it be known that Loveawake grants you access to a vast network with millions of individuals from across the globe looking to chat.

Signing Up

If you’ve used any dating site before, you’ll be familiar with the signup process. It’s simple and requires just a few details about who you are and what you’re looking for.

By visiting their site, the very first page allows you to sign up. All you’ll need to do is fill in the information required in the form, which involves your gender, the gender you prefer, your country, city, and finally, your date of birth.

You will also get the opportunity to create a username that you will go by on the site and what you’ll use to log in. Finally, you’ll have to make a password and provide an email address, agreeing to the terms of conditions, and that’s all there is to it. You will have to verify your account via email, but that’s to be expected. You will now have access to all the features of

Key Features

Now we can talk about all those features we just mentioned, and Loveawake has quite a few to speak of.

The site itself has much to offer, despite being a free option. Typically, when you think of free dating sites, you wouldn’t think of them as the most high quality, and while there are some questionable design choices and problems that Loveawake faces, there is much to be said about what they offer for free.

Let’s begin by stating that, for the most part, the website is quite well laid out and easy to navigate. It’s functional and straightforward to access the assortment of various features which have to do with your profile, communicating with others, and finding other people to chat with.

Now, the foundation of all dating sites is all about giving you the chance to find another person. Loveawake’s approach is to collect and store everyone’s information in a database and then allow you to browse and connect with people that fit the criteria that you set based on your preferences and location. You could be in South Africa looking for a potential partner, and they will narrow it down to provide you everyone living in South Africa. Your location, gender, and preferences are just the basic search criteria, however.

This list of names is further narrowed down by advanced search functions, including parameters like age, gender, tattoos and piercings, body type, religion, profiles with photos, their ethnicity, whether they have children or not, and their marital status. However, keep in mind that Loveawake is a free service, and this means that you always run the risk of encountering fake profiles. Fake profiles happen to be one of the more significant negative aspects of using Loveawake’s service.

However, once you find a potential match, you can begin talking to them via the platform. There are several ways to do so, with the easier being to use the personal messaging system. Loveawake allows you to send personal messages to any profile you match with, allowing you to start chatting and getting to know someone.

Alternatively, there is also a live chat room system. Here, you can join a live chat room with random strangers online, which can be a great way to meet people based on shared interests and is one of the site’s more popular features.

Of course, when using a dating site, there is always the chance for something to go awry and for a potential relationship not to go the best of ways. However, Loveawake happens to offer e-courses with a relationship coach to help you with pretty much any relationship issues you may have. This can make finding a date – and dating in general – much more manageable.

Overall, Loveawake is a pretty standard platform that makes it easy to meet new people and find a potential partner. You can easily find the singles communities in countries worldwide, and as a single person, you might find their service quite helpful. However, some caveats may make you consider a different platform.

First of all, we’ll confirm that this isn’t an online dating scam that has trapped millions of users. Loveawake has been in the online dating industry for over ten years now, and they’ve been reasonably reliable since then. However, many feel that their service feels a bit old and archaic. You can feel the site’s age, especially when you try and load a page and it takes forever.

There have also been reports of privacy leaks, as some people have had their information leaked from this site. While it doesn’t happen often, and you can’t expect a free site to have the best security, you should still be cautious with profile information. Touching again on the fact that it’s free, you should expect to encounter plenty of fake profiles. Even if they are profiles with photos, you should still be suspicious of people pretending.

Pricing Plans

One of the most remarkable features of Loveawake is that they are entirely free. There are no features locked behind a paywall, so you can get full access with a simple account. Again, this does mean you should be cautious, as they have to make money from somewhere, and people have claimed that their information has been sold before without their knowledge.

What We Like About

Love Awake is free to use. Yes, and they’re not kidding. While most rival dating websites allow free registration and browsing of profiles, Love Awake takes this a step further by letting you send messages to women without any cost as well. This is a game changer as far as the scope and reach of the website is concerned. Not many people have the money to pay for dating services, and this shouldn’t disqualify them from finding love online. Thankfully, Love Awake is there to help.

All of the essential features found on other dating websites are available. You can browse through thousands of profiles from around the world, and these include a photo, a short bio, and some vital statistics like age, height, weight, and location.

Customer service is also fairly active, as Love Awake has a support network that allows you to send them a quick message if there’s a problem that you’re experiencing. Considering that the website is free, you’d think it’s going to be poorly maintained, but surprisingly, the administrators are fairly active and will help you whenever they can.

One other thing worth noting is that Love Awake features real people — you can immediately tell by the candid nature of their profile photos. These aren’t the airbrushed models that are too good to be true found on other dating websites. No, you get images of the fat, bald, old, divorced, and everything in between. There’s no judgment here, and quite frankly, it’s quite refreshing to find average Janes for a change. Obviously, there are still a few women on the site who look like they crawled out of a beauty catalog, but the wide variety of users is certainly a breath of fresh air.

What We Don't Like About

Unfortunately, the fact that the website is free is also its downfall. Even though the administrators have a verification process, there’s really not much else they can do other than confirm that the person on the other end is not an automated program. There have been complaints of unscrupulous women taking advantage of lovesick men by asking them to send money. Others have noted that the lack of a payment scheme has allowed people who aren’t really looking for a serious long-term relationship to invade the site, leading to a decrease in the quality of conversations. Finally, the ratio is a big problem, as there is approximately 6 men to 1 woman, which means that if you’re a guy, you’re in for some serious competition.

Lastly, although the claims of being free to use are technically true, the website makes its profits through advertising. They also have side services that do indeed cost money. For example, if you want the administrators to spruce up your profile so that you will get more views and have a leg-up on your rivals, then you will need to pay them a fee. Likewise, if you want to take the interaction out of the online chat box and into SMS, then you will again need to pay a fee to do that. There are several of these extra features that will improve your dating experience, but these come with a price tag.

Better Alternative to

The main issue you’ll face with Loveawake is that they’re an older service struggling to keep up with modern platforms. They may offer plenty of features, but these are the baseline nowadays, something you should expect as the bare minimum.

Because of this, we recommend eharmony, another free dating site that has a more modern design with plenty more features, including the ones you read above. They have over ten times more users, and their service is generally far higher quality.


Love Awake is highly recommended for those of you who are still new to the world of online dating. The fact that they’re free to use means that you can practice getting your feet wet before you’re ready to take the plunge.

While it’s possible to meet THE ONE using a free website like Love Awake, those who wish to take their romantic life seriously may want to invest in other platforms that have a subscription model. The reason is that the screening process is more rigorous on these sites, and the competition is relatively lower since only paying customers are allowed to interact with women.

Still, for a beginner’s introduction, Love Awake is the way to go. Check them out at!

Good luck on your dating journey, my friend!