Are you single and ready to mingle with someone special? Under normal circumstances, dating is not an easy task. Finding a perfect companion may seem difficult, however, it is not impossible. With Russian and Ukrainian dating websites, you can easily find the girl of your choice.

If you are someone who is looking to meet Russian, Ukrainian, and East European women for just casual dating, a walk in the garden or park, long chats over video calls, or are serious about getting married to a woman of your dreams, there is no better place than the internet to make your dream come true. The World Wide Web has numerous legitimate Russian dating sites as well as eastern European dating sites for marriage using which you can find yourself a suitable companion even in these difficult times of the pandemic.

  • How would you like your dream international woman to be?
  • Should she be a good cook who tingles your taste buds with delicious food?
  • Is she someone who is quite simple and loves to be at home?
  • Maybe you like someone trendy and fashionable?
  • Is a Russian girl who is extremely hot and sexy your preferred
  • choice?
  • Would you like to have an Asian woman as your partner or a Latina woman?

There is a right companion for everyone on the internet. It’s just about finding her. If you are wondering where to find these beautiful women, the best legitimate Russian dating sites are your answer.

I was one of you some months back until I found my soulmate through a Russian dating site. Just like you, I would be quite lonely until I met the woman of my dreams. Having spent countless hours on various matrimonial sites, matchmaking services, international dream dating sites, and whatnot, none would deliver what they promise. This is where I and other men like me go wrong. They are searching for their companion at the wrong place, and end up remaining single after so many attempts.

In our opinion from experience these three Russian and Ukrainian dating sites are best suited for single men who are looking to find the love of their life.

7 Best Russian and Ukrainian Dating Sites

1) (A Foreign Affair)

The first Russian dating site on my list for you to explore is A Foreign Affair has been helping single men connect with the dream Russian or  Ukrainian girls of their match and compatibility since 1995. A Foreign Affair allows you to meet single, beautiful, and brainy girls  who are real and looking forward to meeting men like you. One thing which stands out to me about A Foreign Affair is that unlike other websites that have so many fake profiles, has all legitimate and real profiles of Russian, East European, and Ukrainian women. They also feature thousands of profiles of Asian and Latin American women. Yet another and the most distinct and unique feature about A Foreign Affair is that you can go on singles (or romance) tours (Asia, Europe, Ukraine) and meet the woman who you so eagerly were waiting to meet.

These tours to different places are unique to other tour and travel agencies in that they offer socials to meet these ladies. The organized socials allow you to meet and talk to dozens of girls in one place. You are able to mingle with all of the girls in a nice setting with food and drink that is offered. The tours usually have two to three of these socials so a good chance you will meet a lady that you really like. Translators are available to help with the process. If you meet a lady that you would like to know better you will have time to spend with the lady during your tour. So, the tour offered by A Foreign Affair would serve a dual purpose – a fun vacation and finding possibly the love of your life. It really happens!!

For exploring several real profiles of women listed on, all you need to do is register yourself which is free, and then you are allowed to browse all the ladies’ profiles and extra photos. To avail of premium services that would give you the desired results, you need to go in for the premium membership plan offered by this Russian dating site at a nominal fee. Communicating with women will also cost a fee to send and receive letters. This is the downside to these type of sites. 

Does make us love it instantly or not?


  • Large flow of visitors monthly (80,000)
  • Two decades of experience
  • Members seem to be mostly satisfied


  • No 100% guarantee on safety and security
  • Unimpressive design
  • Expensive

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2) (Be Happy International)

Another best rated Russian dating site that enables you to find your perfect match is Be Happy International has been connecting Asian men to their preferred match since 2004. No matter where you are located, Be Happy International is your one-stop destination for finding your perfect date. This website only requires you to create an attractive and captivating profile and the women will contact you. Joining this website is completely free. You don’t even have to bother sending messages or emails. This dating site also provides you with plenty of options such as:

  • Send virtual gifts
  • Live chat
  • Video call
  • Flowers and gifts
  • Tips and dating ideas
  • Date a girl

Also, what makes this Russian dating site different from others is that it offers plenty of filters for the type of woman you are looking for.

  • Online ladies
  • Bikini gallery
  • Curvy ladies
  • Popular name search
  • Mature ladies
  • Brides by hair color


  • Good quality of the service
  • Women members are legitimate and scam-free
  • Credit purchases are secure
  • Safe and secure platform


  • Letters or emails, messaging, and live chats are limited on site
  • Speaking of credits, by industry standard, prices are reasonable, but it does cost a great deal to be able to contact, connect, and see the women, whether through emails, chats, or in-person.

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The last website in my Russian dating sites list that I would like to recommend to all those single men out there who are looking for Russian and Ukrainian women is This best legitimate Russian dating site can help you connect to several Russian and Ukrainian women.

One key feature of this Russian dating site is that the profiles of the bride to be are constantly monitored. Only real profiles are shortlisted, while the fake ones are removed. You can find thousands of success stories of men and women who have got married to each other after meeting on

This being one of the eastern European dating site follows a subscription-based model where you have to pay the subscription fee. After subscribing, you get to explore the profiles of thousands of lovely and charming women, send invites, and messages to them. With the subscription-based model, you don’t have to pay every time you send a message to each woman. This is quite different from other sites that charge you to send and receive communications. You can write to dozens of different women and wait for replies. The messages can be automatically translated also. This Russian dating site is completely safe and secure in terms of the profiles that you are viewing. The majority of the profiles listed are passport verified.


  • Very modern design
  • Simple and straightforward to use


  • Site’s information can be misleading
  • Suspicious and fake profiles
  • Reports on the internet are mostly negative

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Another website playing Cupid in your quest for love is The website is trendy, with more than 2 million visits per month. The demographic set by their advertising materials is that nearly all female members come from Russia, whereas the majority of male members come from the USA. In fact, they have an impressive 172,500 male members from the USA.

Men can browse profiles even before they have an account, and that is an excellent plus. Women are divided into two groups: “Russian Women” and “Russian Girls”. The monthly fee of $39.99 USD puts this dating site in the higher range when it comes to pricing. However, many would say you can’t put a price on love, especially if the pros outweigh the cons.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Live chat functions
  • Video chat options
  • Very detailed profiles
  • Thorough search functions
  • Shows if someone is online
  • Offers different monthly packages
  • Offers 15 years of experience
  • Has a large members group
  • Offers many payment choices
  • Millions of users
  • Extensive and careful monitoring
  • Several communication options available, including Skype
  • Fantastic response rate


  • Fraud protection isn’t 100% guaranteed
  • Low-quality photos on many profiles
  • “Verified” mark isn’t on all profiles

This list of pros and cons clearly shows that this dating site has tipped the scales of Cupid in its favor.


This tech-savvy dating site has struck gold over the last two decades. It was started in 2002, and it was initially only available in Russia. Now, nearly 20 years later, the site has an incredible 23 million users globally. Members mostly come from Eastern Europe, specifically Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.

Coming in at $26.90 USD per month, Mamba is an affordable option for anyone looking to be smitten. However, does Mamba offer more pros than cons, or is there a snake in the grass?


  • Fantastic at finding a potential match in nearby areas
  • Considered safe and secure for interacting with members
  • Suspicious profiles and fake activities are mostly blocked
  • 24/7 support team
  • Using social media accounts speeds up the registration process
  • Live streaming


  • Communication might be complex with the wide range of members
  • Most members ignore messages
  • Long-term commitments can be hard to find since most members are looking for something casual
  • Pricing options can be confusing

Mamba has a very large member base, showing it is indeed a dating site worth considering. Furthermore, after two decades of being in service, the site is stronger than ever.

6) promotes itself as a “freemium” dating site. It is mainly free to use, and members can choose to add some premium features at a fee. The idea of a freemium dating site is very appealing since not everyone has cash on hand when the desire for love strikes. Started in 2005, LovePlanet is one of the biggest dating sites for Russian natives, with a phenomenal 18.5 million members.

You will see at least 50,000 members online whenever you enter the site. LovePlanet’s members are primarily in Russia, with some members being in Ukraine and Belorussia.

Does LovePlanet offer a service that is out of this world or not?


  • Very well-known in Russia
  • Mobile app is available
  • Large membership base


  • Payment structure isn’t straightforward and can lead to unexpected fees
  • Most people are looking for casual relationships
  • You go down in the search rankings unless you pay an additional fee
  • Profiles appear in search engine results and could be a possible risk for personal data loss

Although the cons outweigh the pros, the large membership numbers show us that many people think this site is simply stellar.


Another dating site that lures singles who want to pucker up is This dating site is applauded for its simple and effective web design, allowing newbies to focus on finding love instead of learning website navigation. The site provides profile searches and views before an account is set up, just like This gives new prospective members an opportunity to see if the site offers what they are looking for.

The site seems to have fewer members than some other sites, as it boasts about 900,000 members. A possible factor for these lower numbers might be the pricing system. Instead of a monthly premium, the site works on a credit system. Three credits will set you back $21.00 USD, and these credits can be used to buy packs.

Does offer a good deal in finding a sweet smooch or not?


  • Profiles are updated constantly
  • Most women reply quickly
  • Free registration
  • Video chat available


  • No mobile app available
  • Nearly all functions are paid for
  • Prices are only known after registration
  • Unusual pricing system

This site seems to take its kissing game quite seriously.

Find your better half and enjoy the upcoming year as a couple by exploring the above best legitimate Russian dating sites.

With all these dating sites at the tips of our fingers, we might need to up our love game when it comes to dating Ukrainian and Russian ladies.

Tips on Dating a Ukrainian Woman

  • Be confident and self-assured. These ladies are drawn to strong, confident men.
  • Be generous with gifts and flowers. These ladies don’t love stingy men.
  • Show her you can provide stability. These women are drawn to men who can provide for them.
  • A giggle goes a long way. Don’t be shy to make her laugh. Women love a man that has a sense of humor.
  • Be respectful of her culture and her language.

Tips on Dating Russian Women

  • Russian women love to be referred to as young.
  • On dates, pick up the check.
  • A gentleman carries the lady’s bag, so always offer to take her bag.
  • Spoil her with attention and flowers.
  • Never rush her. She is allowed to take her time. Russian women don’t like being rushed, and they are always allowed to arrive late.