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If you are searching for online dating, it means you’re ready to put yourself out there on the singles sites to find the right match. Congratulations on taking that step! But how do you choose which online dating service is the perfect matchmaking site for you? You’ve come to the right place because here you’ll find unbiased online dating sites reviews of some of the top dating services, online personals, and singles sites on the Internet. Don’t be nervous, be excited: you’re about to find the person of your dreams!

Online personals offer so much more than the old “personals” section of the newspaper. Instead of a couple of scribbled SWF ads, you are able to see current photos, learn all about the person from their detailed profile, and interact instantly over e-mail or chat.

The online dating sites reviews here all let you search for that special someone using any criteria you like: age, hair color, education, keywords, and more. Many are modern matchmaking sites that will actively aid you in finding someone compatible by asking for your requirements (e.g. I want someone that can speak Spanish, preferably a blonde, etc.) as well as having you answer questions about yourself. Your personality is unique, and the compatibility matches you find on these dating sites are truly incredible.

It’s no wonder that dating sites are such a popular way to meet the person of your dreams.If you’re interested only in dating and not finding a life partner, there are plenty of singles sites on the Web for that as well. These are less formal dating services that let you browse and find others in your area to meet and have fun without worrying about the pressure of marriage.

Many of the singles sites reviewed here offer plenty of tips about how to start dating online, how to plan a date, and how to know when you’ve found “the one.” Online dating sites are really a whole lot of fun!

So now you’re ready. Take a look at the dating site reviews reviews below, and pick the one that most closely matches your personality and goals. If you’ve already tried one of these personals sites, feel free to send me your comments and share your experience!

Friendfinder – Online Personals Site

With nearly two million members, FriendFinder is one of the world’s largest online dating sites. Better yet, FriendFinder is more than just an online personals site; it’s a community. Host your own blog, chat with members, create friend lists, and much more. The downside is that the myriad features may overwhelm you at first, and you can’t do much without paying. However, as their tagline promises, you can definitely “Have fun, meet people, and find love.” Yes, it will cost you, but you get what you pay for and in the case of FriendFinder that means good value and good fun.

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Friendfinder Review

Spark.com/American Singles

Unlike most online dating sites, Spark.com offers a decent amount of interactivity for free. You can search for members in your ZIP code, see which members are online, and more. Once you are a paid subscriber, you’ll love the real time chat, message boards, and e-cards, and customer service staff is always available to help. A negative is that Spark.com claims to have “millions of members from all walks of life,”but many so-called “members” haven’t used their accounts in over 60 days. Nevertheless, at any given time there are usually thousands of members logged on and ready to interact.- Read the full review of Spark.com.

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Spark.com Review

Date.com – Online Dating Site

Date’s motto is “Every relationship begins with a date” and they do their best to find you that special relationship you’ve been waiting for. The site is loaded with content to help you, including an online magazine with topics devoted to the psychology of online dating, how to be a confident dater, relationship advice, and more. Date.com advertises their members as “more serious and professional” than other sites, but we’re not sure how they arrive at that conclusion. They have been around for ten years, however, so they must be doing something right. You can read many success stories on the site – yours could be next!- Read the full review of Date.com.

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Fastcupid.com – Meet Your Match Fast

Fastcupid.com is a traditional dating site that offers opportunities to find other singles to connect with. This site has been online since 2007 and it has become one of the popular dating sites on the internet.The membership is large with thousands of members across different countries, covering USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia. The general theme of this dating site revolves around similarities between matching personalities, and how these similarities can create lasting connections.- Read the full review of Fastcupid.

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MegaFriends – Meet New Friends

MegaFriends is a refreshing blend of Internet dating and casual “hanging out.” There is plenty to do with a free membership and you’re just as likely to meet someone looking for a simple coffee outing as you are to meet the love of your life. You can also search for couples, which is much different from the usual searching for singles only. One negative about MegaFriends is that the site isn’t very nice to look at and there are unsightly paid ads all over the place, but once you pay for a membership, they disappear. In any case, if you can get past the less-than-streamlined look, you’ll love the people and content. – Read the full review of MegaFriends.

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SeniorFriendfinder Review

Senior citizens who are lacking in the social life department may find an exciting change of pace with SeniorFriendfinder. You can search for mature friends, romance, travel companions, and more. Because the site is so content-dense, you’ll need to be technologically savvy to be able to figure out what’s going on and how to use the site to your full advantage, but once you do, you’ll love all the features available. There are literally hundreds of thousands of profiles to peruse, so you’ve got a great shot of finding the friends and/or partner that fit your lifestyle and preferences.. – Read the full review of Senior Friendfinder.

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Big Church Review

Big Church does a good job of integrating two tricky subjects: love and religion. Unlike many religious dating sites, Big Church has a lot of fun features and it caters to a wide variety of religions, not just Christianity. Unfortunately, like any other dating site, there isn’t much you can do for free in the way of actually connecting with people. You’ll still be able to contribute to the online magazine and hang out in the chat room, but if you’re serious about finding a partner with whom you can share your spiritual beliefs, you’ll have to pay. – Read the full review for Big Church.

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JewishFriendfinder.com Review

Jewishfriendfinder only has about 63,000 members but it’s a good place to start if you are looking for other Jewish singles interested in dating. It has a high concentration of like minded men and women and a free membership allows you to search the site and other paying members may contact you. However, to enjoy the greatest benefits of this online dating site you will need to upgrade to a paid membership, but still the cost is not too high considering the opportunities to meet other Jewish singles. –Read the full review of Jewish Friendfinder

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True.com – Safer Singles Site Review

For those of you who are worried about information privacy or meeting dangerous people on the Internet, True.com may just be the answer to your concerns. It’s the only personals site on the Internet that has a real policy to protect its members, including background checks. It’s also got top-notch matchmaking technology that rivals more expensive sites like eHarmony, which means you’ll have an easier time locating the love of your life than with some other sites. Although True.com definitely isn’t on the cheap end of the scale, you’re sure to appreciate the quality – and the safety – that this site offers its members.. – Read the full review

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Interracial Singles – Personals Site Review

Interracial Singles has some fun features – like personality tests and quizzes – to match you with other members. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a member base to speak of, although the site does claim that thousands of new members are joining every day. If you decide to get involved in the growing movement, you’ll like the user-friendliness of the site as well as its relative affordability. Interracial Singles also boasts a lot of great articles designed to help you join the online dating game with full force, so if you’re shy or just inexperienced, this may be the perfect way to get your feet wet.

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